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The Stanley Hotel’s Haunted History – What it’s REALLY Like to Stay There

In Estes Park, Colorado, nestled deep in the Rockies, you’ll find a sweeping white estate. Arriving at dusk, it appears imposing in size, yet like its coyly and ominously peaking through the trees and plant life that surrounds it. The Rocky Mountains almost appear to create a citadel around the property.

The Stanley Hotel.

Perhaps, more so than any other hotel in the USA, the Stanley has a reputation that precedes itself. Touted far and wide on every, “Most Haunted Hotels in America” list, you will find The Stanley Hotel. But what is The Stanley Hotel’s history?

The Stanley Hotel’s Haunted History

So what is the story behind one of the most haunted hotels in the USA? Some find its spooky reputation alluring. The curiosity of finding ghostly activity in this historical structure lures them in… for others, it keeps them out.

The Stanley was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley. Beside being an entrepreneur and hotelier, he also invented photographic plates and owned the Stanley Motor Carriage Company.

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