Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia rooftop views, blue skies and a view of the city. A table with a full Turkish breakfast spread laid out.

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Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia – a unique, unforgettable happy Place

Bet you never thought you’d be considering staying in a cave on your vacation, did ya? Yet, here you are, trying to decide which will be the best cave for you to call home while you’re in Cappadocia. I stayed at the Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia and I could not be happier that I did. There are a surprising amount of accommodation options in Cappadocia, even of the cave hotel variety. Indeed, some of the hotels have become wildly popular and visible due to social media and others are unknown gems awaiting your discovery. Comparatively, Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia delivers everything you could want in a Cave hotel.

Lodging Type: ★★★ Boutique Hotel, Unique Stay

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A bit of history about Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia

If you enjoy the intimate environment and high touch service of boutique hotels, you will absolutely love Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia. The owner of the hotel is down to earth, personable and often at the hotel. Furthermore, he cares very much that his guests are taken care of and enjoy their time in Cappadocia to the fullest.

The hotel is family owned and operated and the property has been in their family for generations. Altogether, there are only seven guest rooms at the Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia. It’s a small property, but it has everything you might need.

Where is the hotel located?

Although, first things first. Where is Cappadocia, you ask? I mean, you know it’s in Türkiye. But where exactly is, Cappadocia? Some even inquire if it’s a real place. Especially, when they get a load of the otherworldly landscapes, hot air balloon filled sky and women in ballgowns… everywhere. It’s almost like you’ve stepped into a fictitious destination, in a fantasy novel setting.

Having an utterly dramatic moment at Pigeon Valley in Göreme

So contrary to popular assumption, Cappadocia is an entire region. It’s an “ancient” area adjacent to the mountains right smack dab in the middle of what is modern day Türkiye. Neveshir is a province in the Cappadocia region. Göreme is a town right in the center of the Neveshir province. Specifically, Göreme is exactly where Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia is located.

Incidentally, there are tons of attractions, landmarks and activities that you’d likely want to see in Göreme, so it’s a good place to base yourself. There. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can move on. Are you still with me?

What to expect and Amenities on Site

As we previously chatted about, Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia is a pretty small, family owned operation. There are only seven cave rooms (which, makes sense if you think about it because caves seem hard to come by). Nonetheless, here are the things you can expect:

Tea, snack and refreshment service

A gorgeous rooftop area with great views that is not crowded

Huge, complimentary full Turkish breakfast

A center courtyard to have tea

Full concierge services

Multiple terraces for enjoying beverages or food

Enjoying Turkish tea and pastries on one of the many terraces at Charming Cave Hotel
The refreshment area – offering Turkish coffee, tea, water and snacks

Tip: You can schedule a time slot to have the rooftop all to yourself, if you’re interested in having a or doing a photo shoot of any kind. This is another perk of staying at a smaller property like this, versus one that has been highly popularized from social media, like the Sultan Cave Suites for example.

Check in and the Rooms

After a challenging travel day, we arrived at Charming Cave Hotel via their private transfer service. This, at least, eliminated any issues with getting from the airport to the hotel expediently. Since we were running behind our anticipated schedule, we ended up checking in relatively late. The owner checked us in and was very gracious, helpful and informative.

After settling into our new home for a few nights, we relaxed on the terrace with some Turkish tea and treats.

Our next door ‘neighbor’s’ door to their Cave room – loved the ornate woodwork
The entrance to our cave room – there was a couch, sitting area right in front of it

Staying in a Cave room is definitely for the traveler whom appreciates unique stays. It was a neat experience and I’d do it again. It definitely was a different experience than staying in any other type of accommodation.

The cave room was a bit stuffy at times. Alongside that, it often smelled like… a cave. It’s hard to explain. The bathroom was certainly on the smaller side. However, none of these things were an imposition and I definitely hope it wouldn’t deter you from trying a stay in one.

Cave room entrance – a little sitting area and fireplace
The bed in the cave room
Pretty details, like the uplighting behind this vase

Tip: During my visit, the hotel was in the process of constructing an addition to the hotel. Since then, it’s increased its capacity from the seven original cave rooms and now offers “stone” rooms and suites in a different part of the hotel.


This is definitely a stay where you feel more of a homey vibe. The service feels more similar to a bed and breakfast than a traditional boutique hotel. The staff and owner are very helpful if you have any questions about Cappadocia or need recommendations of any kind. They are beyond locals, they have a generational legacy in the area.


Tip: Nevsehir Airport and Kayseri Airport offer shuttles at € 10 euros per person, one way. If you have the budget, Charming Cave Hotel offers private airport transfer services. It’s € 35 euros for a shuttle of 1 – 3 guests to Nevsehir and € 40 to go to Kayseri airport. If your party is larger than 3 guests, the price increases.

Hotel Cost

One of the main reasons I chose to stay at Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia, is because of the reasonable cost. In comparison to many comparable accommodations, it seemed like a much better value. It has all of the things that make some of the “top” hotels in Cappaocia popular. Cave rooms, generous Turkish breakfast, gorgeous rooftop that’s great for photos and good service. In fact, some of the hotels that are very popular in town aren’t even known to offer the best service.

When I stayed at Charming Cave Hotel, it was about € 78 euros per night, before any taxes or fees during the fall – the month of October to be exact.

This was a few years ago and apparently, the word is out about Charing Cave Hotel, as the nightly rates during the same time period seemed to have more than doubled averaging about €157 euros per night for the same type of room. Despite the price increase, these nightly rates are still competitive with accommodations of similar caliber that also include breakfast.

Tip: the famed Sultan Cave Suites that has received a lot of social media hype (and subsequently, criticism) is almost double the current nightly rates of Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia.

Safety and Security

The property – as well as everywhere we went in Cappadocia for that matter – felt extremely safe. Göreme, specifically, has a rustic, small town feel. Everywhere we went, we did have a driver and tour guide. Hiring a driver and tour guide was mainly for logistics, ease of transport and of course, the expert local knowledge. However, there was not one place we went that felt unsafe or sketchy in the slightest.

The hotel has secured entry at the entrance and it is my understanding that there is someone on site at all times.

What’s to Eat?

Technically, Charming Cave Hotel does not actually have an on-site restaurant. However, they have access to Turkish tea and coffee, water and refreshments all day and night long.

We had a bit of a rough travel day that day and arrived well into the evening. By the time we checked in and settled into our Cave room, we were hungry and it was 10:30pm. Thankfully, there were tea and treats available.

A close look at the incredible Turkish breakfast spread, included in your stay

Each day, you can choose where you’d like to have breakfast (there are several terraces to choose from, each with a different view). Breakfast is served via table service and each morning breakfast is a delight.

When we complimented the owner on the incredible breakfast spread included, he remarked that Turks believe that breakfast is a very important meal – the most important. Thus, all the stops are pulled – you get your choice of Turkish coffee or tea and a selection of juice. There are so many delicacies offered on the breakfast spread, I couldn’t begin to list them all!

Just one of the beautiful terraces at Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Tip: There are cats everywhere in Göreme. Both stray cats and pets. If you’re allergic like me, make sure you bring your allergy meds!

Know before You go

Are you trying to decide what season to visit Cappadocia? Like many destinations in the region, it is advantageous to visit in Spring or Fall due to cooler weather, fewer crowds and reduced rates for stays and excursions.

That being said, if you do visit in the summer, it’s peak season so you can expect large crowds and the highest prices of the year. Although it’s not as popular to visit in the winter, I know travelers who’ve went and loved it.

Cappadocia gets quite cold and they do get snow in the winter. It makes for a very different experience and many believe it has its charm! Also don’t worry – weather permitting – the hot air balloons fly year ’round in Cappadocia.

Find out if Charming Cave Hotel Cappadocia is available during your trip dates:


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