Brunette woman in light blue dress standing in the background next to Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland with greenery and yellow daffodils in the foreground

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Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland – a dreamy Getaway in the Countryside

Perhaps, this is a part of Switzerland that’s less traveled to by tourists, but it’s a best kept secret? Nestled in the Swiss countryside, near the border of France, you will find a little town called Chéserex. Indeed, it is in this town where you will find a magical destination stay called Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland. When you arrive at the Chateau, it’ll feel as though you’ve stepped onto the pages of a novel. It might give you the feeling you’re in a storybook setting. Chateau de Bonmont faces Mont Blanc and has beautiful views of Lake Geneva – it’s a great place to take in the quiet of the countryside in a luxe atmosphere.

Lodging type: ★★★ Luxury Hotel, Boutique HotelCastle Hotel, Country Club

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Bright blue skies, tan buildings with dark roofs and white window shutters in classic Swiss architecture surrounded by bright yellow tulips at Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland
This area was where our hotel room was, behind the gate
Bright blue skies, tan buildings with dark roofs and white window shutters in classic Swiss architecture surrounded by bright yellow tulips at Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland
More of the Castle hotel rooms and suites

Where is Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland located?

Chéserex is a small village in the canton of Vaud. In fact, the entire town spans only about four miles. Meanwhile, only a bit over 1,200 residents call Chéserex home. The closest big city to Chéserex is Geneva. It’s about 33 minutes to Geneva from Chéserex by car. Thus, if you plan to explore the Geneva area and want to escape the city for a day or two, this might be a great option. Unquestionably, it’ll give you the true Swiss-countryside-getaway experience.

Driving up the main cobblestone driveway to Chateau de Bonmont
One of the many beautiful buildings on at Chateau de Bonmont

Tip: due to its proximity to France, this is a French speaking region of Switzerland.

A little history about Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland

If peace and tranquility are what you seek, you’ll likely find it at Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland. The Castle hotel sits on almost 7 million square feet of park grounds, complete with giant century old trees. That’s a lot of square feet, I know. Basically the entire property is about a quarter of a mile large.

The property dates back to at least the 12th century. Adjacent to the hotel, is a Cistercian Abbey dating back to the 1100 – 1200’s. In case you’re curious about the Cistercian part, like I was, it is basically referencing a group of Nuns and Monks that started in France under the rule of St. Benedict.

Currently, Chateau de Bonmont is a family owned and operated hotel with a full staff.

The beautiful fountain and Abbey to the right of it, dating back to the 12th century

What to expect and Amenities on Site

Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland is definitely a destination accommodation, akin to a resort. This is somewhere you will want to plan to go specifically to enjoy the property, facilities and atmosphere.

Perhaps, it’s ideal for a romantic getaway. Or even a solo journey on your own to relax, read, swim, write or take in nature. Maybe, you want to gather with friends in a posh atmosphere surrounded by greenery and good food.

In any event, during my stay I mostly saw couples, groups of friends or small family groups comprised of all adults. There also happen to be a soirée being hosted at the country club during my stay, so many of the Guests of the event were staying at the hotel as well.

Everything was in full bloom for Spring, during the month of April and it was a sight to behold
Taking in the sunshine outside the pool house

The property boasts beautiful grounds to go for a walk in the gardens, an 18 hole golf course, a heated pool, sauna, gym and solarium, tennis courts, riding stables, trails, two restaurants and a bar. The bar is also more like a café or coffee shoppe during the daytime. Truly, it was just so nice ordering a coffee and sitting in the bar (café) for a bit during the day and watching the rain fall.

What’s to Eat?

Let’s just get to the point – the food here is delicious. Certainly, that’s a great thing under any circumstances, but especially here. The thing is, there isn’t really any other options close by. The entire estate is enclosed, surrounded by forest-like countryside and gets very dark at night. But, good thing you don’t have to worry about that because everything you could ever want is available at Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland.

Café and Bar

Enjoying cappuccinos on a rainy morning at Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland. The host brought us some decadent little chocolates to enjoy with it

The bar area kind of doubles as a quaint café during the daytime. At any point, you can go to the bar and enjoy a libation or two, a latte, cup of tea and light accompaniments.

Restaurant du Château de Bonmont

We made reservations with the host to have dinner at Restaurant du Chateau de Bonmont our last night at the hotel.

Let me tell you. This restaurant is kind of like you stepped into a scene from a Bond movie, minus any type of action sequence or tables being knocked over. It’s chic. Very vibey, dimly lit with candlelight flickering. Completely elegant.

Tip: It’s best to make a reservation, even if you are a hotel Guest. The restaurant is open to the public, you don’t have to stay at the hotel to dine there. So, best reserve a table for yourself so you don’t miss out! The night we dined here, we were the last seating of the evening and every table was full.

The host sat us at the table directly in front of the fireplace, featured above. The fire was roaring and it was such a special meal!
Center of the main dining room at Restaurant du Chateau de Bonmont during the daytime.

I snapped a few shots of the restaurant during the day, while it was closed between lunch and dinner services. It is every bit as elegant during the day, but the ambiance really comes alive at night.

Amuse Bouche from the Chef
An exquisite beef Wellington

My husband’s main entrée

The Experience

Sometimes hotel restaurants are overpriced and don’t deliver, however, they’re convenient. While Restaurant Chateau de Bonmont seems to acquire mixed reviews, I found the food to be delectable and high quality. Particularly, the beef Wellington was exquisite and gave Gordon Ramsay’s a run for its money. The service was also competent and pleasant. Our server recommended a fabulous wine to pair with dinner.

Tip: the canton of Vaud is the second largest wine growing region in Switzerland, with the canton of Valais being the first. Consequently, you’re in for a treat if you ask for a wine suggestion at Restaurant Chateau de Bonmont.

Daily Continental Breakfast

I love an accommodation that provides breakfast, don’t you? The good news here is that not only does Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland provide breakfast, but it hosts a continental breakfast with a wide selection sure to appease a variety of palettes and dietary needs.

Jams, fresh baked breads, croissants and fresh juices
Dry cereal and fruits, yogurts, meats and cheeses

The assortment of breakfast offered by Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland is mainly a variety of continental breakfast items like cereals, dried fruits, yogurt, various baked goods, jams and some hot items as well. For example, there are eggs, lots of cheese and meat options as well as staples like sausage and bacon.

Undoubtedly, there is a broad enough selection of fresh, high quality choices to satiate almost anyone and get your day started on the right foot.

Some of the morning breakfast seating
Beautiful French windows line the breakfast dining room

Tip: Make sure when you book your reservation that you are selecting the option that includes breakfast with your stay.

Check in and the Rooms and Suites

The main entrance to the hotel at night
The charming entrance to the Chateau where our Guest room was
Lobby of the Chateau that our Guest room was in

Our flight arrived into Geneva in the evening. Therefore, after deboarding, regrouping and taking the 33-35 minute taxi to Chéserex, it was well after typical check in hours. As I mentioned previously, the property gets very dark at night. You know…nature and the countryside and stuff. In fact, one might even say that the atmosphere at night could be perceived as a bit spooky… kind of haunted mystery vibes?

But, fear not, this hotel is very safe and felt very safe the entire stay. At the same time, I likely would not suggest wandering off into the woods at night…but, I digress.

Since the front desk staff was gone for the day, security checked us in.

The Room we Stayed in

Without further adieu… the guest room.

There was a fairly sizable closet
Small but comfy couch – there was a bag of breadsticks, two large bottles of purified drinking water and fresh rose petals
Score for having a mini fridge and cups

Despite being a pretty large property, Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland is actually only comprised of a total of 18 Guest rooms and suites.

I would not describe the room to be lavish by any means, however, it was very comfortable and functional. It had all the amenities one might desire: a large closet, a mini refrigerator, an iron, a comfortable mattress and even drinking water. There were also beautiful French windows around the room that let in a lot of light during the day.

The room had a comfy King size bed
The bathroom had heated floors!
Large shower with rain shower head and good water pressure

For me, the most luxurious part of the entire room was the bathroom. First and foremost, it had heated floors. This is a major win for me, because I visited in April and it was still cool at night and we even experienced intermittent showers.

The bathroom had beautiful modern amenities and details, lots of toiletries and a sizable shower. One thing I really loved in addition to the heated floors was the large, openable window for ventilation in the bathroom.

All in all, the room itself was cozy, comfortable and adequate. The entire stay was a truly memorable experience, one that I will never forget. I do hope that Chateau de Bonmont Switzerland and I meet again one day.

Know Before You Go

This is a hotel where the cost can vary considerably by season. I visited in April, which is considered the “off season” bridging into the “shoulder season.” Prices were on the lower end during this time.

Due to the time of year – early spring – and the geographic location of Chateau de Bonmont, weather can change quickly and frequently. During my stay, one moment it was sunny, the next it was pouring and grey and then sunny again. It’s best to pack and consider wearing layers to be prepared for fluctuating weather.

Generally speaking, fall to early spring is considered the “low season” and late spring to fall is considered the “high season.” Expect more crowds and elevated prices during the high season.

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