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Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast is historical magic in San Francisco

Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco embodies so many elements that has personified San Francisco throughout the decades. Basically, it’s oozing with colorful, quirky character while sharing a bit of San Francisco’s history with you.

In 1892, this Victorian beauty graced Steiner Street as a private residence. Since that time, various organizations and owners have come and gone. Now, it’s a cozy, elegant Bed and Breakfast for you to enjoy when you are vacationing or staycationing in San Francisco.

Lodging type: Luxury stay, Bed and Breakfast

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Stunning, hand carved woodwork on the Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco stairwell. Set beneath bright blue walls, with antique pictures that adorn them and a very ornate cieling.
The gorgeous hand carved woodwork on the Chateau Tivoli staircase
Lobby welcome table that has a Guest book for Guests to sign
Don’t forget to sign the Guestbook during your stay!
The stunning Guest room hall at Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco featuring vintage sepia and black and white framed photographs along the entire wall and ornate wallpaper and hanging chandeliers
This hall gives me goosebumps

Where is Chateau Tivoli San Francisco located?

This beautiful stay is located on Steiner street in the Western Addition area of San Francisco. Here, you’ll find the iconic Painted Ladies and one of my favorite places – Alamo Square Park and several micro neighborhoods of interest.

Interior view from inside the gated secured entry of Chateau Tivoli San Francisco from the top of the stairwell
Chateau Tivoli is behind gated entry
Colorful paint, a vintage chandelier and a very tall, ornate, wooden front door of Chateau Tivoli San Francisco
All the colorful details at the entrance
Colorful paint, a vintage chandelier and a very tall, ornate, wooden front door of Chateau Tivoli San Francisco
The very tall wooden front door

This is actually an ideal place to stay as a visitor to the city, because it’s so close to so many neighborhoods you’ll likely want to explore.

The Fillmore District – lots of shopping, cute cafes and bistros and jazz lounges

Haight – Ashbury – does it even need an introduction? A must visit for a tourists – so much character, culture and history

Japantown – great place to get a massage, dine on conveyer belt sushi or fresh Taiyaki

Nob Hill – my old neighborhood – ride the cable cars, visit Grace Cathedral, drop in the Tonga room at the Fairmont, so many great small, locally owned foodie spots

Divisidero – dine at a restaurant I love called Nopa

What to expect and Amenities on Site

Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco is a small, intimate, family owned establishment. Additionally, the inn employs local San Francisco and Bay Area residents – so they can serve as a valuable resource to you if you have any questions.

I’ve stayed at Chateau Tivoli four times over the span of a decade.

One of the many praises I can sing about this Bed and Breakfast is how consistent the experience is. Furthermore, no matter who is working, they are always warm, efficient and make you feel right at home.

Wine and Cheese

A colorful green, blue, yellow and red antique shade lamp sitting next to two wine glasses of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers on a wooden table at Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco
A delightful wine and cheese moment
Dark wood paneling, plush floral arm chairs with blood red Velvet throw pillows, wine and cheese sat atop a wooden table with a colorful ornate lamp
Seating in the double parlor
Lots of antique furniture in the parlor of Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco in the backdrop of a table filled with wine glasses and a tray of wines
Selection of red and white wine

One of the lovely touches that Chateau Tivoli offers is a complimentary wine and cheese service for all Guests. In case you’re unfamiliar, some world class wine awaits you in Northern California.

Lots of antique furniture in the parlor of Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco in the backdrop of a table filled with wine glasses and trays of wines, cheeses, nuts and crackers
Afternoon wine and cheese in the parlor sitting room of Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco

Tip: if for any reason you arrive to the wine and cheese reception and the cheese platter isn’t there, find the innkeeper in the kitchen and request it. They’re likely just keeping it cold in the refrigerator. This happened on my most recent stay, Guests were looking everywhere for it, befuddled.

What’s to eat?

Certainly, one of the best parts of staying at a Bed and Breakfast is the (hopefully) epic breakfast you will feast on in the morning.

Happy to report, Chateau Tivoli’s breakfast’s are that of which breakfast dreams are made of.

Fruits, instant oatmeal, dry cereal and cookies
Antiquities in the dining room
Coffee and tea bar in the dining room

Firstly, the food is delicious, but you also get to enjoy it in a truly charming setting. I mean, what more could you want?

Oh, you want everything made from scratch in-house from the freshest ingredients? Done. Indeed, the Chateau’s French toast is whipped up with San Francisco’s famous sourdough bread. In addition, it’s made from scratch right in the kitchen.

Gorgeous breakfast setting
French toast- the sourdough is made in house
Scrumptious Quiche, made from scratch in the kitchen

Similarly, the quiche, cookies, biscuits, jam and more are all made with tender loving care at the Chateau. Undeniably, this is impressive stuff. I also feel the breakfasts have only gotten better over time.

Breakfast is served to you by the lovely innkeeper on duty. There’s also self-serve cereal, fruits and a coffee and tea bar.

As soon as you book your reservation, they send you the breakfast menu so they can anticipate your order in advance. I find this to be efficient, so in the morning you just mosey downstairs and enjoy your experience.

Tip: In a rush? Not a morning person? Can’t bare the thought of possibly dining near strangers? No problems here. Simply inform Chateau Tivoli that you will take your breakfast to go and they will pack it up for you. We’ve had to do this a couple times due to our schedule. But, it really is an experience dining in the 1800’s era dining room.

The Rooms

There are nine unique rooms at Chateau Tivoli varying in decor, size and amenities. Every time I’ve stayed here it has been so quiet at night you could hear a pin drop. Consequently, I’ve always slept soundly… like a dream. Here are the ones I’ve stayed in so far:

Enrico Caruso

I’ve stayed in the Enrico Caruso room twice and I love this room.

Desk and sitting area
Four post bed
Vintage Antique

You’ve got the classic four post bed, a little sitting area, and a nice (albeit tiny, but this is San Francisco) bathroom. Something about the emerald green accents and art work just lull you right to sleep at night.

Enrico Caruso Bathroom
High ceilings and vintage wallpaper
Shower and toilet area

Thankfully, despite its vintage charms, the bathroom has all the modern amenities you could need, including toiletries. I’m obsessed with all the period era wallpaper, personally.

Tip: The bed in this room is pretty high up… so, if you’re of shorter stature like myself you’ll have to make a running leap onto the bed.

Isadora Duncan

The Isadora Duncan room is another wonderful option. I stayed in this room over seven years ago now, so please forgive the less than stellar photos.

Some highlights of the Isadora Duncan room, aside from the charming period decor are a clawfoot tub in the bathroom, a fireplace and stained glass windows!

Jack London Room

It was over eleven years ago that I stayed in the Jack London room with my then boyfriend (now husband). He had never been to San Francisco, so I surprised him to a mini getaway for his birthday.

The Jack London room is no frills and great for cost conscious travelers. It’s connected to the Joaquin Miller room by a bathroom. This can be a two room suite or, more than likely, a separate reservation will be booked in the other room.

This means a shared bathroom. There was other Guests booked in the Joaquin Miller room the night we stayed in Jack London, but much to my delight (and surprise) sharing a bathroom did not pose any type of imposition.

Know before You go

Being that Chateau Tivoli is a beauty from the 1800’s, you must know there will be no elevator on site. If stairs are not an option, you can always book The Lily Landry 2 Room Suite. It is the only Suite with its own private entrance. The door is street level, so you can enter right from the sidewalk.

San Francisco is an ideal place to visit without a vehicle. It’s such a walkable city. You can also hop on a cable car or bus or simply call an Uber or Lyft.

If you can’t avoid bringing a vehicle into the city, street parking is your only option. You have to take extreme precaution when parking on the street in San Francisco. Vehicular break ins and theft are -unfortunately- very common.

While we have parked on the street in the past, I highly recommend parking in a neighboring parking structure. On our last visit we parked in the Fillmore Heritage Garage. It’s close by, safe and the rates are very reasonable, especially by San Francisco’s standards.

Find out if Chateau Tivoli is available during your trip dates:


Have any questions about staying at Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast San Francisco? Drop them in the comments below!

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