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Coffee Farm Tour in Colombia – a Special Experience

Colombia is the third largest coffee exporter in the world! Additionally, it’s actually the largest supplier of coffee beans to the USA, whom imports over a billion dollars worth of coffee beans in from Colombia each year. Many believe that Colombian coffee beans are the best in the world. As a true lover of all things coffee – I knew I had to see where these beautiful little beans were from. So, off we went on a coffee tour in Colombia.

dirt road leading to hut surrounded by greenery and flowers with a branch protruding with bright pink flowers
At the entrance of the farm, we had our first class about Colombian coffee farming

How to Choose your Coffee Tour

I kind of arrived in Colombia with only my accommodations and flight from Cartagena to Medellín booked. But I knew there were quite a few things I was potentially interested in doing. While in Cartagena, I decided I wanted to do a coffee tour. I reached out via WhatsApp to the amazing hotel I booked in Medellín to see if they had any input.

Coffee tour Colombia layout displaying different types of bean roasts and a flowery coffee cup filled with coffee
Learned SO much about the journey a coffee cherry takes to our coffee cup

And you know what?

I loved the tour we took. For so many reasons.

They picked us up and dropped us off from Hotel Celestino and our driver was really personable. Also, the drive to the coffee farm is so scenic and relaxing. All of a sudden, the bustling city of Medellín is gone and the sweeping green hills of the Medellín countryside engulf you.

You’ll experience a genuine day in the life of a coffee producer and maker. It felt very authentic, educational, immersive and complete. You’ll also get to sample some freshly harvested coffee, be served delicious snacks, a hearty meal and be sent home with a little take home bag of coffee beans.

I picked my first ripe coffee cherry on my coffee tour in Colombia!

While I did book this tour through my hotel concierge, you can book the exact tour I booked through me. Several different tour companies sell tours to the exact farm I visited. This is the farm to visit, as the atmosphere is beautiful, everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and your overall experience will be fantastic.

You can book this Coffee Tour Colombia in Medellín: Here

What can I Expect?

This is a group tour. Now, I am hot and cold about group tours. Therefore, depending on the destination and what is being toured, a lot of times I’ll opt for a private tour for a variety of reasons. But, luckily, this was a phenomenal group tour experience. It was a great group!

We were the only two in our group of 11 that needed an English speaking tour, so we all went through the tour together, but had two guides – one who did demonstrations for us in English and the other did demonstrations in Spanish.

My basket, tied around my waste, of ripe coffee cherries I began collecting

You’ll be versed on a bit of history and learn so much not only about the day to day of running a coffee farm, but about coffee beans themselves. I loved how informative this tour is. At the same time, it’s not just an information dump – it’s interactive and sensorial.

A Day as a Coffee Producer

A traditional way to process the coffee cherries is to put them through a manuel pitting machine

First of all, the farm is absolutely beautiful. As you embark on your adventure into the sweeping green hills of the property, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty. Fog wraps around the mountainside, draping it with mystery. Your guide has lots of cool activities in store for you!

High quality beans and processing creates really tasty coffee even with no milk or sugar

While I’m a big fan of digging into the details, I also want you to walk into this as I did – not fully knowing what to expect – but anticipating a great experience.

The cutest kitchen and dining area, we had another class and tasting in the kitchen
and then dined at the table in the upper left corner

One thing that did surprise me, as it doesn’t seem heavily emphasized before going is that you will be served a generous amount of snacks during your coffee tasting and then be served a robust lunch. So come hungry!

carmelized bananas and freshly made white cheese on a silver plate, next to a small coffee cup with flowers on it
Delicious snacks served during our tasting… caramelized bananas and fresh cheese

Know Before You Go

If you’re looking for the best coffee tour Colombia can offer, this is really the tour you should take. It is packed with value and you’re being educated by seasoned coffee growers who have operated this coffee farm for years and years.

It has been awarded the Viator & Trip Advisor Badge of Excellence with good reason! I hope you enjoy your crop to cup journey.

Have any questions about this Coffee Tour? Drop them in the comments, below!

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