red sandstone buttes

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Here are the Best Monument Valley Tours for Unforgettable Experiences

I love Monument Valley. Truly, I think it’s one of the most special places on earth. The southwestern region of the USA is a beautiful medley of scenic views, natural beauty, history and culture. It’s filled with rugged terrain, natural wonders and indigenous stories. A place absolutely worthy of a spot on your bucket list. But, what are some of the best Monument Valley tours?

A bluish pink sky set against a straight road that is winding into Monument Valley
This road takes you to the “shot” made famous by Forest Gump,
it’s directly on the other side of the Buttes

Monument Valley is often a road trip pit stop. After all, there is an area where you can snap “the shot” made famous by acclaimed 90’s flick Forest Gump. But it is so much more than this!

There are free things to see and do once you pay the $8 National Tribal Park admission fee. But, to really make the most of your visit, consider taking a guided tour.

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Monument Valley’s Backcountry Jeep Tour

There is a fair amount of self-guided exploring that you can do in Monument Valley. That being said, there is a designated area that visitors are allowed to roam freely in.

The fabulous part about this tour, is that it will take you to all the places that the public can’t venture to without a guide. You can relax in the back of the jeep, with the wind blowing in your hair, while you take in the history and scenic views.

Essential info: This tour’s meeting point is just west of The View Hotel and runs about 2.5 hours. Look for the sign that says, “Navajo Tours Loading Area.” Additionally, bottled water is included. You will have to purchase your $8 entrance ticket to the Tribal park, separately.

Book here: Tickets are currently $75 per person. Purchase them here and receive your mobile ticket instantly!

Scenic view of the red sand stone Buttes
A scenic view of the Buttes, while driving the 17 mile loop

Dreamcatcher Evening Experience in Monument Valley

When I think of a bucket list worthy experience, I think of something like the Dreamcatcher evening tour.

Picture this: It’s dusk. You climb into an open air jeep and get comfortable. Your Navajo guide leads you through the park, not only showcasing all its beauty, but shares context and stories along the way. One of the benefits of this tour, is it gives you access to restricted areas of the park. As you take in the majestic scenery, the sun begins to set. After dark, you all gather ’round a campfire to enjoy a traditional Navajo feast, under the stars. Besides the starlit sky, you’ll be captivated by the traditional Navajo ceremonious dancing, chanting, drums and storytelling. An immersive cultural experience at its finest!

Essential info: This tour meets at the Navajo Welcome Center and runs about 2.5 hours. Additionally, bottled water is included. You will have to purchase your $8 entrance ticket to the Tribal park, separately.

Book here: Tickets are currently $135 per person. Purchase them here and receive your mobile ticket, instantly!

blue skies, Navajo Tribal Park trail

Monument Valley Horseback Tour

If being in an open air Jeep isn’t your preference, you can really get an immersive experience by taking to the trails by horseback. This tour is done in very small groups for an intimate adventure. You can throw on the ole’ cowboy hat provided by your guide and meander through the desert and take in the extraordinary views.

Essential info: The tour meets at Sacred Monument Tours. Before the tour’s departure, you’ll be paired with a horse appropriate for your size, experience and skill level.

Book here: Tickets are currently $110 per person. Purchase them here and receive your mobile ticket instantly.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out this article: here. I hope you have an amazing time in Monument Valley!

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