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Hobbit Hotels: What it’s REALLY Like to Stay in a Hobbit Hole on the Guatemalan Shire

Did your eyes become starry when you heard that you can stay in a Hobbit hole? Did you squeal with delight when you first came to know that Hobbit Hotels were a thing? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Also, I may or may not have done the same.

A hobbit hole with a pink door and grass roof, surrounded by plants
Not a casita to stay in – this Hobbit hole is open to the public to go inside

If you are a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings fan, it will certainly go without saying that you’ll get a kick out of staying here. But even if you aren’t… one has to admit that this is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Having breakfast, as this music was playing, overlooking the ‘Guatemalan Shire’ while the fog rolled in.

I’m going on an adventure!

Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

Casita Options at Hobbitenango

So when it comes to Hobbit holes to call home for the night, what are the options? Well, I’m glad that you asked! There are three different casitas to choose from and here is the difference between them all below:

La Casita del Sueño

Hobbit Hotels: a hobbit hole with a ornate red door, inside a fence made of wooden branches with a bright red gate
La Casita del Sueño – near the entrance and a main path of the eco park

La Casita del Sueño: This is the least expensive of the three, likely due to being the smallest – averaging about $114 per night. This casita is ideal for two guests and has an adorable little gated yard so you can enjoy your privacy while sitting outside.

Tip: This casita is close to the entrance, but is located right off the main road of the eco park. Expect foot traffic and lots of visitors taking pictures of this casita, especially because it’s the most accessible of the three to photograph. However, no one is allowed past the gate, except for guests of La Casita del Sueño.

Hobbit hole with a yellow door and grass roof set on a bright green shire
La Casita del Nido, fabulous for couples with a nice private garden

La Casita del Nido: This is the Hobbit hole I stayed in with my husband and loved it! While it can technically sleep up to four, I think it’s perfect for couples. In addition to the main bed, there is a daybed built into the casita where you can rest, read, sit and it can also sleep 1-2 additional occupants. It’s set further back off the main road, which is perfect to escape to your own Hobbit hole for some R&R. This casita averages about $134 per night.

La Cala Esmeralda

Emerald green door on a Hobbit hole casita with a grass roof surrounded by plants
Photo provided courtesy of

La Cala Esmeralda: This is definitely the most private of the three and also can accommodate the most Guests. Averaging around $155 per night, this casita can sleep up to six Guests! In terms of location, it is definitely further away from the other casitas and the bar and restaurant by the front of the ecopark.

This is all that is visible of La Cala Esmeralda to the general public at the eco park

Tip: While it could be perceived as a bit isolated, it is naturally ideal for families or larger groups. This casita is also closest to the ‘Giant Stone Troll Hand’ photo op, which will make it easy to scoot over there as soon as it opens for photos!

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Amenities on Site

When you stay in a casita at Hobbitenango, you have access to the entire eco park. Honestly, not many hotel stays provide you with this much amusement for no additional charge!

This stay is very rustic – and the idea is to be immersed in nature. To relax, play and feel serene. Thus, the idea is to enjoy resting – whether it’s in your casita or in a mountain top hammock or just enjoying a cup of coffee overlooking the shire.

Tip: Make sure you read my Hobbitenango Guide if you want to know all the activities, games and things to do at the ecopark that are included in the price of your stay!

Staying at La Casita del Nido

I absolutely loved my stay at Casita del Nido. I mean, just look at this private garden area that the back door of the casita leads to! Surrounded by lush green, with colorful flowers peaking through in surprising places… it’s certainly a serene environment.

Beautiful wooden door with a glass center, surrounded by ivy growing on the exterior and roof facing a very green garden area filled with flowers
Backyard Garden area of Casita del Nido

Want to know what the view is of, when you’re relaxing on this bench? This:

a volcano peaking behind the clouds, with lots of green in the foreground

A truly rustic stay, but it’s very cozy and comfortable. The bathroom over looks the garden area and has touches that give it character, like hand crafted soaps and a dried eucalyptus bouquet hanging in the shower.

The shower is almost like a large cave, and it gets quite steamy in it, which is kind of nice in cooler months. Again, I want to emphasize that this is a more folksy type accommodation, and there is a certain earthy charm to its aesthetic.

Hobbit Hotels & Security

Hobbitenango is located on a hilltop. As such, there is not a lot of cometh and goeth after dark. There is security and hotel personal on site all hours of the day and night. There also appears to be residences on site and what appears to be staff housing.

Also, there are some adorable dogs that call Hobbitenango home and dutifully guard the entrance of the eco park, and subsequently, the entrances to the casitas.

This cutie takes guarding the Guests seriously!

Food Situation

I have wonderful news for you: the food at Hobbitenango is tasty, inventive and made with fresh ingredients! If anyone is going to focus on making the food fresh and tasty… it’s Hobbit Hotels.

a wooden ledge with a rustic coffee mug and bowl filled with oatmeal, nuts and fresh fruit with beautiful pink and blue flowers behind it
Start your morning each day with complimentary oatmeal topped with nuts and fresh fruit and your drink of choice (coffee, tea, juice or milk).

If you want some detailed information about the food at Hobbitenango, make sure you read about it here on my detailed Hobbitenango guide.

Next, I have even more wonderful news for you! Breakfast is included with your stay and it’s delightful! Each morning, you start your day with oatmeal topped with nuts and fresh fruit and either juice, coffee, tea or milk.

They also provide fresh baked bread that is SO good accompanied by an array of spreads. Then, you pick your breakfast entrée. Everything we had was plated in an appealing way and tasty!

Want to view the entire menu? Don’t worry… fellow foodie here, I understand the urge to preview a menu. You can check it out: here.

Other Food & Beverage Options on Site

For lunch, dinner or snacks, you can order from the regular menu and dine in either of the restaurants at the eco park. There is also a bar on site and the bar stays open the latest out of all the restaurant and attractions.

If you are lucky enough to visit on the weekend or a holiday, you’re in for a treat! You have to dine at Hobbitenango’s buffet! While the regular menu is a variety of popular foods, the buffet serves fresh, traditional Guatemalan cuisine.

rustic serving bowls filled with fresh Guatemalan cuisine, set up buffet style
This is just one small section of the weekend buffet featuring fresh Guatemalan cuisine

I asked the staff if the tortillas were made from scratch on site and their reaction was pretty much shock that I’d think they’d do anything less. All the food is made fresh from the best ingredients in the open kitchen.

Know Before You Go

Do you want to stay in one of the casitas at Hobbitenango? If you do, you’re making an excellent decision. You can only book directly with Hobbitenango and you can do so: here*.

* Please note that I am to affiliated with Hobbitenango and do not profit in any way if you book with them. However, I loved my stay with them and I hope you go visit and enjoy it as much as I did!

Keep in mind, staying in one of the Hobbitenango casitas is similar to staying in a cabin. Depending on the season you visit, it can get quite cold or hot. I visited in October, so it leaned towards cool, but, there’s a fireplace in Casita del Nido! When you’re ready for bed, the staff will come and light a fire for you that does make the place quite toasty and makes for a great ambiance.

Cell service is spotty at the casita and throughout the eco park. But, that’s part of the point. Hobbitenango’s motto is: “Disconnect to reconnect.” However, don’t worry! You can get a wifi signal towards the front of the park, near the on site bar.

Lastly, if you do go to Hobbitenango and you don’t stay in a casita, kindly remember that there are people staying in them and to be respectful of their space and privacy while visiting if you want to take any pictures.

So, what do you think? Would you stay in a Hobbit Hole? Let me know in he comments!

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