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Hobbitenango Guatemala – a Magical, Mystical Gem in the Mountains

I want to tell you about a special place. Hobbitenango Guatemala. When I reminisce experiencing this place, visuals of a dreamy fairytale land set in the misty mountains come to mind.

Cobblestone walkway leading to the Hobbit house with blue door and natural grass rooftop in Hobbitenango Guatemala
This Hobbit house is open to the public. You can go inside
and take pictures in front if it

After all, its not often you come across a place green as far as the eye can see, where colorful Hobbit houses and delicious food abound. Off in the distance, you can see the silhouette of a mighty volcano hiding behind the clouds.

I feel particularly qualified to discuss what Hobbitenango is really like, what to expect and if it’s ‘worth it’ to make a trip there, because I was there for three days.

It was founded out of a love for nature, playfulness, and the desire to disconnect from the hectic, busy world and reconnect with what’s important in life


Who Created Hobbitenango and Why?

It’s my understanding that Hobbitenango was an idea born amongst fantasy – genre loving friends. I’m sure it goes without saying, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are pivotal sources of inspiration behind Hobbitenango.

Daniel Terzuola and Roberto Arzu are the owners of Hobbitenango Guatemala.

Initially, this eco village nestled in the mountains was created for themselves and friends. A place to relax, play and eat tasty, nourishing food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Then in 2015… they started building the casitas and restaurants and the rest… as they say… is history!

So, what is Hobbitenango, anyway?

Hobbitenango is magic. But, specifically, it’s where an eco-friendly amusement park meets a hotel meets restaurants. Hobbitenango Guatemala has coined itself as the ‘Guatemalan Shire,’ which brings me to my next point: if you love Lord of the Rings, you’ll really be excited about visiting.

A Hobbit casita with a red door, set on the mountainside of a green pasture that is the 'Guatemala shire' in Hobbitenango Guatemala
A part of the ‘Guatemala shire,’ The casita with the red door is one of the casitas you can stay in

How do you get to Hobbitenango Guatemala?

The vast majority of travelers headed to Hobbitenango Guatemala are already in Antigua and are headed to embark on a day trip. I’d say, plan your visit to Hobbitenango around when you can or will be in Antigua.

This is where the Hobbitenango main office is located:

Hobbitenango Office

 3a Avenida Nte. 20a, Antigua Guatemala 

I took a tuk tuk from my hotel in Antigua, which, incidentally is one of my favorite stays of all time, to Hobbitenango Guatemala’s main office. This is where you will check in and board your transportation to the eco park.

Tip: I strongly encourage you to use Hobbitenango’s transportation up to the mountaintop park. The journey to the eco park is an enjoyable one, with sweeping cliffside views. However, it can also be a bumpy ride up very narrow, winding mountain roads. Best to go in a vehicle specifically tailored for this specific terrain and purpose.

Here’s What you Can Expect From the Main Office:

There is a cafe where you can enjoy some coffee, tea or juice (seriously, try the Rosa de Jamaica juice and thank me later) or a snack (all for purchase) while you wait for the next shuttle.

Staff is available to answer your questions or assist you with what you may need.

If you will be staying as a hotel guest, transportation cost to Hobbitenango is included in your stayno additional charge. Whereas, if you need to arrive between 6pm – 8pm, there will be an additional cost of Q75 or about $9.60 USD per person.

For all non hotel guests, the roundtrip shuttle fee is Q45 or $7 USD per person.

A large cream colored truck wagon with an open truck bed with bench seating an a ladder to climb into it that says Kia Motors on the back in red. There is a bright yellow building in the background.
This is the vehicle that will take you from Antigua to the mountain top eco park

While there doesn’t seem to be an official transportation schedule for the Hobbitenango ‘shuttle,’ I would recommend touching base with the office via WhatsApp in advance of your arrival. That way you can confirm what times the shuttle is running that day and you can plan accordingly.

Hobbitenango Contact Information

Whatsapp: 3090-8812


Tip: if you are headed to Hobbitenango on a day trip and for whatever reason have your luggage with you, you can stow it for the day at the office. Just touch base with a staff member for assistance!

Having Breakfast or Brunch at Hobbitenango

First, let me tell you that breakfasts here are simply scrumptious. In fact, all the food at the eco park is thoughtful, inspired, interesting and delicious. A lot of the brunch menu fare is traditionally popular breakfast dishes with a Guatemalan flair.

You can have breakfast in this charming little Hobbit house above, which, I found to be a less crowded option. Alternatively, you can dine inside the main restaurant on the hilltop or on the restaurant’s main outdoor patio. Seats fill up fast for the outdoor patio! It was almost always full during my stay. The one time we dined there, we sat in the last open seats.

A blue green bench with bread, oatmeal and brown rustic coffee mugs on it set above the Guatemala shire (green as far as the eye can see)
View from the hilltop restaurants outdoor patio – complimentary bread, oatmeal
with fruit and nuts, a breakfast entrée and a beverage selection are included with your stay

The view and atmosphere during breakfast in the little Hobbit hole is absolutely whimsical, especially as the mist rolled in through the hills and Hobbit themed instrumentals filled the air.

A plate with a large piece of bread topped with eggs and salsa, next to a glass filled with dark juice, with striking green nature behind it and blue skies
This is a Guatemalan take on ‘Avocado toast’ – no words to describe how incredible the fresh bread was!

Breakfast Prices at Hobbitenango Guatemala

The view and atmosphere during breakfast in the little Hobbit hole is absolutely whimsical, especially as the mist rolled in through the hills and Hobbit themed instrumentals filled the air.

As I always mention, perceiving something as ‘well – priced’ is subjective and largely dependent on comparing it to where you currently live or have lived. I found the pricing of Hobbitenango’s breakfast food to be very fair and of very good value.

For example, a large plate of luscious brioche french toast (pictured below, called Tostadas a la Francesa) served with seasonal fruits, nuts and honey is Q49 which comes to about $6.28 USD. The large plate of Primavera Toast (the spin on avocado toast pictured above) is Q69 or $8.85 USD

During my stay, we tried the following breakfast dishes:

Primavera Toast: A large, round piece of fresh bread with a delicious spread, avocado, eggs, chives and salsa

Tostadas a la Francesa: Fluffy brioche French toast topped with fresh fruit and nuts

Amanecer en la Comarca: Basically a version of eggs Benedict with a liberal amount of cheese with a side of really tasty beans and fruit

Everything was appetizing, but my favorite was the Primavera toast!

Tip: if you visit Hobbitenango as a hotel guest, breakfast is included in your stay! My day started each morning with their delicious oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts, my choice of juice, coffee or tea and a selection of a main breakfast entree. You’re also served fresh baked bread and a selection of spreads to top it with.

Dinner at Hobbitenango & Restaurant Options

There are two restaurants on site – one adjacent to the main entrance and the other on the hilltop across the shire.

The hilltop restaurant closes early because as the sun goes down it gets dark up on the mountain and across the shire. It’s nice to eat up their for breakfast, but for dinner you’ll likely eat at the restaurant by the entrance. The menus are the same in both restaurants!

a wooden board plated with triangular white cheeses, strawberries, white balls of cheese covered in seasoning
The Tabla de Quesos is one of the most unique fruit and cheese platters I’ve ever tried!

Picnic style benches fill the restaurant at the entrance of the park where you can dine al fresco. The menu has a wide variety of items that are sure to satisfy. From pizzas, to burgers, there are soups, pasta dishes and hearty main dishes centered around beef and chicken.

Hobbitenango Buffet – Open Holidays and Weekends

On weekends and holidays there is a delightful buffet offering at the restaurant by the main entrance. I was so happy that one of the days of my stay fell on a weekend.

While the regular restaurant menu is quite an eclectic assortment of delicacies, the buffet serves traditional Guatemalan cuisine!

a small red ceramic bowl filled with sweet plantain mole and a silver spoon, sitting on a wooden table with the green shire in the background
This is where I discovered plantain sweet mole – and I have dreamed about it ever since.

What is there to do at Hobbitenango Guatemala?

Factually, there are 26 points of interest and attractions to enjoy within the eco park.

There is a lot of chat online that Hobbitenango is fun, but you only need to spend 2 – 3 or just a few hours here to see everything. Firstly, from my experience, I don’t see how you could fully experience Hobbitenango – the games, activities, attractions, photos spots and a nice meal at a leisurely pace in 2-3 hours.

a beautiful green Guatemalan shire with a hobbit house behind it with a blue door, there is a mini golf course flag on the shire
One of the miniature golf holes at Hobbitenango

I spent three days and two nights there and never got bored.


Firstly, I stayed the night in La Casita del Nido. The atmosphere is private and the ambiance is relaxing. There’s a bench to sit and read or enjoy the view, you can relax in your Hobbit house and just take in the rustic, imaginative aesthetic.

But aside from that, I think it’s important to note the Hobbit ideals that this eco park is modeled after.

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world

J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit

When the eco park was created, the intent was to foster a space where we can escape from the frenetic outside world. I think it’s important to keep in mind that this is a place to slow down, disconnect, reconnect with your inner child, relax and have fun.

a Hobbit house covered in moss, branches and green brush with a bright pink door

Hobbitenango Activities

With that in mind, here is a list of activities you can enjoy:

Rope Swing Attraction

Archery or Axe throwing

Play miniature golf

Various fair games (this may vary seasonally)

Go for a light hike on one of the trails

Take some fun pictures at the dramatic photo ops

Eat some hearty, good food

Shop the artisanal, hand crafted offerings (I bought the best lip balm of my life here and I plan to send for it for all of my days because nothing compares)

Take in the views from one of the Hobbit holes

Explore the Shire

Swing on a large swing

Climb up the mountainside, lay in a hammock and just stare at the treetops

part of a turquoise hammock tied to a tree, with a view of the tree canopy above
View from my hammock in the forest

The most important thing you do here is relax and have fun!

Staying the Night at the Hotel

Let me first say… I loved my stay at Hobbitenango.

It’s one of my most memorable stays to date. I mean, where else can you stay in a Hobbit in a hobbit house?! The Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand sounds very cool and all, but you can’t stay there.

In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit

J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit

You can read all about my very memorable stay at La Casita del Nido, here.

Also, you can book your stay at Hobbitenango Guatemala right here*.

* Please note that I am not affiliated with Hobbitenango and do not receive commission if you book with them. I just really enjoyed my stay and I hope you do too. You can only book a casita directly with Hobbitenango, at the link above.

Know Before You Go

If you are a hotel guest at Hobbitenango Guatemala, your nightly rate includes transport to the eco – park, your entrance fee, access to all the games, park facilities and an exquisite, plentiful breakfast each morning.

Planning on just a day trip? The entrance fee for adults is Q50 or $6.40 USD and Q30 or $3.85 USD for kids between 4 – 10 years old. This includes transport from the Hobbitenango parking to the front gate, access to the park, facilities and all games.

If you enjoy unique experiences and unique accommodations, I highly recommend you staying a night at one of the casitas! It is a great value, with gorgeous views and will likely prove to be unlike anywhere else you’ve ever stayed.

Make sure you wear shoes with good treads for walking. The beautiful shire grass is slippery and its easy to slip, fall on your bum and get a good look at how nice the sky looks that day (ask me how I know…)

Have any questions about visiting Hobbitenango Guatemala?

Drop them in the comments, below!

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