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Originally published on March 16th, 2023

Hotel Celestino Medellín – a unique Boutique Stay

Visiting the City of Eternal Spring? Chances are, you’re reading this because you’re trying to figure out where you should stay in Medellín. While there are a few neighborhoods to choose from, El Poblado is by far the most popular choice for most travelers. Especially if it’s your first visit, I highly recommend basing yourself in this neighborhood. Specifically, I loved my stay at Hotel Celestino Medellín.

Lodging Type: ★★★★ Luxury Boutique Hotel

Exterior of Hotel Celestino Medellín- several people sitting in the open window of the lobby restaurant
Photo credit: courtesy of Hotel Celestino

Why the El Poblado Neighborhood?

During my cab ride from the airport to Hotel Celestino Medellín, I immediately observed the cooler weather. A stark difference from the heat and humidity in Cartagena. While our vehicle careened down the freeway through hills, I observed lots of homes nestled into the mountainside.

El Poblado neighborhood at night, white lights strewn across the sky, the moon is shining brightly

As we approached the El Poblado neighborhood, I saw bright string lights strewn across the street, twinkling in the sky, connected by buildings on either side. The lush green canopies of the trees lining the sidewalks tower overhead. In fact, there is green everywhere I looked.

The El Poblado neighborhood is favorable to many, because you can walk around the neighborhood day or night. Delicious eateries, coffee shops, boutique stores, bars, clubs and even hair salons are all within a stone’s throw.

Almost anything you might need is accessible within waking distance.

very green trees line the streets of El Poblado, with white lights strewn across the street from the trees
The brightly lit streets of El Poblado

Locals have told me that this area was built up with tourists in mind. An area for travelers and visitors to stay and enjoy themselves. You know what? I’ll take it. El Poblado is truly a pleasure. But do explore other areas as well!

Amenities on Site & What to Expect at Hotel Celestino Medellín

I loved my stay at Hotel Celestino Medellín. While this is a very small, quaint boutique hotel, they are getting so many things right.

First of all, let’s talk about the plant aesthetic. They are going for an all naturale, botanical wonderland vibe where green and shrubbery (albeit artificial, so no threat of allergies) adorn every foot of your room. It’s really thoughtfully decorated.

The staff is incredible!

Like, seriously amazing. As soon as I booked, the Manager reached out and emailed some information about what to expect from my stay.

tan wicker chairs fill the Hotel Celestino lobby against a beautiful mural of nature
Lobby of Hotel Celestino at night

There were two different employees during our stay, one that worked during the day and one at night. Not only were they warm and welcoming, but they were pivotal to in helping us plan activities and find things in the neighborhood.

One thing I knew I had to do while in Medellín was dine at El Cielo Restaurant. I had trouble securing a reservation while back home in the states, but the staff came to the rescue and was able to score us a lunchtime reservation.

I also decided that I couldn’t stand to look at my split ends anymore, and needed to get a trim asap. The daytime receptionist quickly went into concierge mode and recommended a fabulous salon for me to get my tresses tended to.

Not only did I leave feeling pampered but I received one of the best haircuts of my life (and I’ve been to some pretty nice salons) for only 40,000COP or roughly $10.71 USD.

Storefront of Luxury Concept salon in El Poblado Medellín, with a large tree in front of it with a giant green canopy
This is an AMAZING salon if you need haircare while in Medellín

I loved my stay, but you are going to likely love your stay even more. Why? Well, the hotel was under construction during my visit. It wasn’t an imposition at all, because we had lots of plans throughout the city.

In August of 2022, the newly improved Celestino Hotel was unveiled and now boasts a rooftop infinity pool and spa. While I didn’t get to go to the rooftop during my stay, I’ve seen photos and it looks stunning!

The Room

I really have an inclination for booking rooms with nice views. Seriously, it’s a passion. I really believe where we stay is part of our experience and that can mean a lot of different things. Provided that I feel that I’m getting a fair value for what I’m paying, sure, I’ll shell out a few extra bucks for a nice view. Absolutely.

wooden table and chairs, bed with mustard tone blanket on it, beige drapes covering the sliding door
King room with a Balcony – the drapes are automated and you can open
and close them with a remote. There’s also a blackout shade which is a nice touch!

While the rooms here are quite small, they are thoughtfully decorated, well appointed and cozy. I booked a King Room with a Balcony. The balcony rooms are front facing and have a stunning view of the surrounding nature and cityscape.

Shower stall next to a rustic wooden counter and sink with a circular mirror and towels
The shower stall is right next to the bed area – the water
pressure was really strong

If you’re extremely sensitive to noise, I wouldn’t recommend getting a front facing room. You’ll definitely hear the frenetic sounds of high energy nightlife wafting by your window. I will say that it didn’t bother me nor did it prevent me from sleeping well. The soundproof doors do a decent job of muffling the ruckus.

high rise buildings, cityscape view, palm trees and lots of green treetops (view from Hotel Celestino Medellín room balcony)
Balcony view during the daytime – the entire space lights up at night!


In general, the El Poblado neighborhood feels very safe to walk around in… day or night. The hotel is no exception. Despite being a very small boutique hotel, there is also someone at the desk 24 hours a day, which is amazing.

The elevator to the Guest rooms is beyond the front desk, so they are constantly paying attention to who is coming and going. Yes – they do pay attention. I felt very safe here.

Book Celestino Boutique Hotel: Here

Food Situation

There is an on site cafe at Hotel Celestino Medellín called Azul Selva – Brunch and Coffee. This is actually the first thing you see when you enter the hotel. Technically, the cafe is an independent entity from the hotel, but, the two businesses work in partnership.

The quaint little bistro offers coffees, teas, baked goods and a variety of breakfast items.

Delicious Banana and cacao pancakes with juicy seasonal berries and syrup on a sophisticated white plate
Breakfast selection of the day – Banana & cacao pancakes with
seasonal berries (included in your stay)

Azul Selva bills itself as “the best brunch in Medellín.” To be fair, it was the only brunch I had in Medellín, as I based myself in Hotel Celestino during our entire time in the city. However, I can say without a doubt their food is great. It’s thoughtful, contemporary fare with a Colombian flair.

Avocado toast with a large egg on top on a sophisticated white plate
Breakfast selection of the day – Avocado toast (included in your stay)

Since Azul Selva is open to the public, seating does fill up fast in the lobby. The good news? The hotel is delighted to have your breakfast delivered to your room each morning. During your stay, you’ll communicate with the reception desk via WhatsApp.

Azul Selva during the day, a man sitting at a chair next to a glass railing
Azul Selva during the daytime – fresh air and sunlight fill the Cafe

Upon arrival they will send you the cafe’s menu. Each night, they simply ask you to text them your order and violà! At your requested delivery time, your feast will be setup wherever you’d like in your room.

Know Before You Go

One of the only potential bothers you may run into staying here is the noise factor. El Poblado is a happening neighborhood with lots of activity until late at night. Additionally, it’s near a booming nightclub that you will likely hear reveling until late at night.

Personally, it did not bother me at all and I’m a light sleeper. However, I can fall asleep in most any conditions. While I don’t think this should be a deterrent from staying here, I did feel it was important to mention.

Hotel Celestino does provide earplugs to any Guest whom may need them!

Book Celestino Boutique Hotel: Here

iced latte sitting on a wooden table in a coffee shop surrounded by green plants and twinkling string lights
Having a latte at Cafe Velvet next door to Hotel Celestino Medellín

I booked our private airport transfer to the hotel through Hotel Celestino. I was very happy with the service of the driver they provided. You can choose between an economy or luxury transfer and add this additional fee to your total hotel bill. Check with the hotel for current pricing!

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