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Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco – the best Value in Town

Let’s face it. San Francisco, the Bay Area and its surrounding wine country are hardly inexpensive destinations. Food, albeit, fresh farm to table deliciousness, is pricey. The hotels are no exception. There are many great hotels and bed and breakfasts in town, but what sets Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco apart from the rest is its cost. It is friendly to cost-conscious budgets, all the while giving you top tier service, in an adorable boutique hotel setting.

Despite being lower rates than other accommodations, you will not forego comfort and premium service. This includes things like complimentary hot breakfast, an on demand coffee and tea station twenty four hours a day and clean pleasant common areas to use. Thereupon, Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco is a fantastic value.

Lodging type: mid-range luxury, ★★★ Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast

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Where is the Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco located?

I used to walk by Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco on a regular basis. Particularly, on a walk back to my Nob Hill apartment from downtown. I’d stroll by if I decided to cut down Bush Street.

Little did I know, I’d end up staying here years down the line. Petite Auberge is located in a neighborhood that is considered “Lower Nob.” Just as it sounds, it sits right beneath Nob Hill. Which, is a very desirable and safe neighborhood within San Francisco.

Entrance to Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco from Bush street. A staircase enclosed in an enclave leading to a single French door with a chandelier hanging over it
The entrance right on Bush street
Colorful vintage yellow wallpaper line the walls with a soft floral design, an ornate couch sit in front of it. There is a chandelier illuminating a table with ice water and cups across from the reception area of Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco
The warm entrance across from the reception desk

Location, location, location.

It’s also quite central to walk to many other places of interest such as Union Square, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and more. Similarly, you can easily walk over to The Fairmont in Nob Hill and then from there head over to Russian Hill.

A little History about Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco

Indeed, there is nothing that makes a hotel more interesting than a back story. Don’t you agree? Hotel Petite Auberge is not without her origin story, which began in 1911.

As the story goes, apparently, a woman from old world Europe “married well” in San Francisco. Thus, she decided to treat herself and buy two inns side by side. One of which, is Petite Auberge and the other, is its sister hotel White Swan. Apparently, in the 50’s she made quite a name for for the inn, dazzling Guests with her generosity and hospitality.

When she passed, she left each of her nieces one of the Inns. Lucky girls, right? One of the nieces lived in Paris, meanwhile the other lived in London. Obviously, they styled each of the inns after the cities they grew to love so much.

What to expect and Amenities on Site

Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco considers itself a hybrid of a boutique hotel and a bed and breakfast. Surprisingly, it pulls off the best of both worlds quite well. Operationally, it runs like a well-oiled boutique hotel, while having the charm and personal touch of a bed and breakfast.

Gorgeous outdoor courtyard
Rustic details in the courtyard

If you are traveling for work, or simply want a great work space to use while you’re in the city, the hotel has plenty of that. There are tons of tables in the coffee area and plenty of places to lounge by the fireplace or to find a quiet nook to relax in.

Cozy loveseat in the basement lounge area
Fireplace seating in the basement lounge area
Lots of places to work, read or relax in the basement lounge

In additional to have a coffee and tea beverage station available 24/7, there is also a refrigerator with complimentary sodas and water bottles for Guests. That, is definitely a nice touch.

Coffee and tea station available 24/7
Homey rustic details and
Complimentary soda and bottled water for Guests

In the afternoon, there is a wine and cheese service offered at the White Swan Inn. Alternatively, you can request it for your room if you can’t make it over.

Cozy area to read or have a coffee
Fruit, cheese and wine tray
The old hallways

What’s to eat?

Hotel Petite Auberge provides a complimentary continental hot breakfast each morning, served at the White Swan Inn.

There is no on-site restaurant at the hotel, however, they do offer a lovely wine and cheese service in the afternoon at the White Swan Inn. We couldn’t make it to the wine and cheese service, so, the manager Christie (who is amazing), had a tray sent to our room. How’s that for hospitality?

The Rooms

I would describe the rooms at Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco as very homey. Moreover, they almost feel like they could be someone’s studio apartment in the city. The walls are clad with bright floral wallpaper, artwork, eclectic mirrors and there are even books on the shelves.

A vintage green and wooden table are set in the hallway entrance with a matching mirror set over it, lit by an overhead old fashioned chandelier
The foyer right when you enter the front door
A queen bed with a white bed spread with colorful, ornate floral wallpaper on the walls, a desk with an oval mirror adjacent to it
The sleeping area – the mattress was very comfortable
Sitting area with beautiful bay windows and a view of the city

I actually love hotels that have character, that seem to embody a personality of its own. The rooms at Hotel Petite Auberge San Francisco definitely are overflowing with a vintage, quirky aura.

A working fireplace, which was very nice while visiting in late fall
The sink and vanity mirror was separate from the bathroom area with the toilet and shower
Shower area – the bathroom window fully opens

The room does have a slight dated feel to it, but, it’s like it’s supposed to. From the bay windows, to the built in bookshelf you’re getting an authentic San Francisco experience here. The fireplace does work, which is really nice on cooler nights.

When we first arrived, one of the lamps above the bed was flickering. We phoned maintenance and someone came almost immediately to fix it. Easy peasy.

Know before you Go

Hotel Petite Auberge only has valet parking available for $68 USD per day. However, I highly recommend parking in the self parking garage on Mason and O’Farrel. This garage is $35 USD per night, but there are no ins and outs. I highly recommend not driving your vehicle in the city and instead walk everywhere you need to go, take the bus, trolley or a ride share.

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