The rear of Hotel Weisshorn, a cream building with a dark roof - there is light snow on the ground

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Looking for a wonderful bargain stay in Valais? Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt

The very first thing we need to establish here is: bargain by Switzerland’s standards. Particularly, Zermatt – a popular destination globally and within Switzerland – accommodation does not come low-priced. However, that does not mean that Zermatt is out of reach. Likewise, if you book as far in advance as you’re able to and potentially visit in the off season, your ability to save on your lodging increases. I found Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt to be a bargain for the area, in addition to a good value.

Lodging type: ★★★ Chalet style Hotel, Mountain Lodge

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Where is Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt located?

Firstly, one of the absolute best things about this hotel is its centrality.

Gorgeous blue skies, snowcapped  mountainous landscapes and Swiss architecture - views from Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt
View from a stairwell window at Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt

How does the adage go? Location, location, location. Equally, this rule is important when choosing your accommodation. Obviously, you should stay where you can afford and sometimes that might not be so central. In this case, Hotel Weisshorn is one of the more economical hotels in town and it happens to be walking distance to almost anywhere you’d want to roam in Zermatt.

blue skies and the exterior view of Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt
A brunette woman with subtle highlights leaning out Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt 's window looking at the views

When arriving at the Zermatt train station, Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt is literally a straight shot up the road. Like, you cannot possibly get lost on the way to the hotel on foot (unless you get distracted and stumble into a Rolex shop or an eatery for fondue – in which case – enjoy).

While Zermatt is a car free town, little electric taxis and bicycles are an option. However, unless you are a major overpacker, it’s an easy and convenient walk for most from the train station to the hotel.

Tip: Zermatt is a town with tremendous German influence, this is also a region of Switzerland where German is the main language spoken.

What to expect and Amenities on Site

Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt isn’t really brimming with amenities and extras. In fact, it mostly isn’t. But, unless you’re shelling out some serious cash, most Chalet style hotels aren’t. Particularly, with its price positioning in comparison to neighboring hotels, I think what it offers is more than sufficient.

The great stuff:

Wonderful, personable staff and concierge services.

Generous, expansive buffet breakfast included with your stay.

Central location – most attractions, points of interest and restaurants are walkable.

A quiet, comfortable room, some with balconies.

An on-site restaurant.

Things to consider:

Some of the bathrooms are shared bathrooms, but, you can pay a bit more and have a private bathroom.

The bathrooms, and specifically, the showers are the smallest I have ever seen in all my travels. This could pose as an issue for plus size travelers.

There’s no elevator at Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt. Only stairs. Lots of them. This could be a challenge for the differently abled and anyone who may struggle with stairs.

Tip: this is one of the many reasons I believe in packing light for trips, particularly for Europe or international trips. Also, there doesn’t appear to be anyone that assists with luggage, in case that is something you need. You will need to be responsible for getting your own luggage up and down all the flights of stairs. It wasn’t a dealbreaker for us, but it would be remiss not to mention it.

What’s to eat?

Complimentary Continental Breakast

Music to a travelers ears? “Breakfast is included in your stay.”

A full breakfast buffet is available to hotel Guests each morning in the hotel restaurant.

wood floors and bright yellow and red table clothes fill the room of Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt 's breakfast area
Breakfast seating – the server actually assigns you a table
wood floors and bright yellow and red table clothes fill the room of Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt 's breakfast area
Breakfast is buffet style, but there is a server available
an l shaped table with white linen serving the hotel's expansive Continental breakfast
The considerable breakfast spread

The breakfast assortment is served Continental style, so you help yourself. The variety is similar to other hotel breakfast’s I’ve had in Switzerland. Although, it’s mostly dry foods such as cereals, nuts, dried fruits and fresh baked breads, there are also jams, yogurts, meats, cheeses and hard boiled eggs.

Check in and the Rooms

Check in is from 2:00pm -7:00pm, however, if you need to check in later than that all you have to do is notify the reception in advance.

bright red carpet and wood stained walls comprise the entrance to a Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt Guest room
The front door to our Guest room – the doors directly ahead lead to the balcony
a bed with white bed linen set atop bright red carpet
Very simply room – no frills but the beds are extremely comfortable

While the room itself was quite simple, particularly for a bit over $200USD per night (and this is the cost in the off season), overall, I’d stay here again.

There was a small sitting area, a vanity, a small desk and the mattresses were extremely comfortable. They even leave a little chocolate on the pillow during turn down. There was also a lovely balcony with a nice view in our particular room.

blue skies and Swiss architecture make up gorgeous balcony views from Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt
Lovely view at dusk from our balcony

I would say my least favorite part of the hotel was the bathroom in our particular room. It was dated, extremely small and cramped. However, it was very clean, functional and supplied decent toiletries.

pink tile bathroom walls and a dated blow dryer mounted upon it
Mounted blowdryer in the bathroom
a very narrow shower set against pink tiles
The bathroom is even smaller than it appears in this photo
mirror and bathroom sink set against a pink tiled wall
Sink and mirror

All in all, I had a great stay at Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt. I would stay here again in the future, if my budget fell within this price range again. This is a fantastic stay for travelers looking for somewhere centrally located to hang their hat, in between rip roaring days of site seeing, exploring and possibly snow activities.

It will be hard to beat the value and incredible location that Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt offers.

Know Before You Go

If you are hoping to save as much as possible on your visit to Zermatt, you might want to consider visiting in the “off season”. Off season is considered Spring and Fall. In Spring, you’d want to consider April or May (I visited in April) for lowest accommodation rates and flights. For fall, consider September or October. Another thing to factor in is that while you will enjoy a mostly crowd free atmosphere, there may be some things not open or fully operating. I didn’t find it to be an issue, though.

Have any questions about staying at Hotel Weisshorn Zermatt? Drop them in the comments below!

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