Landscape view of the Paris Hotel Las Vegas

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Paris Hotel Las Vegas: Restaurants, Rooms and ALL the Important Info

If you’re a Francophile, missing Paris or simply want to stay at a nice, moderately priced hotel centrally located on the strip, the Paris Hotel may be the stay for you. I’ve stayed here a total of three times and have stayed in a standard room and three different suites.

In addition, the atmosphere is always pleasant and welcoming – it kind of feels like a tried a true selection for a Vegas stay. Lastly, my first (and only?) multiple- hundred dollar slot machine win took place at the Paris many moons ago. But hey, I’m not making any promises here…

Lodging type: ★★★★ Luxury Hotel

Where is the Hotel Located?

In terms of location, the Paris Hotel is ideal. Centrally located on the strip, if you get the right room, you’ll have a gorgeous view of the Bellagio Fountains. Further, it’s directly across the Bellagio Hotel and adjacent to the Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood and Caesars Palace. It’s just ‘up the way’ from the Venetian Hotel. Specifically, this is great if you wish to explore the strip, hotel hop or enjoy the attractions nearby.

Paris hotel elevators
Paris hotel elevator, adorned in in gold

What to Expect & Amenities on Site

At the Paris Hotel, you must check in the old fashion way: go to the beautiful reception area, stand in line and either wait for a front desk employee to check you in or use the kiosk.

Even on a weekday, the line can be quite long. Furthermore, if you visit during the holidays in December, the line can take well over an hour (yes, I’ve actually experienced this before). Lastly, be prepared that the check in process might take awhile and plan accordingly (you don’t want to stress yourself if you need to make a dinner reservation or show time).

Paris hotel reception desk
Paris hotel reception desk

Tip: Since you have to stand in line either way, I recommend waiting for a front desk associate if you have any questions or interest in upgrades or specific room requests. Keep in mind, unless you pay for a suite online or over the phone, all of these things are a first come first serve basis when you arrive at the hotel for check in. I’ve consistently found the front desk staff to be courteous and helpful.

Security at the Paris Hotel

Generally speaking, most of these mega hotels on the Las Vegas strip welcome anyone and everyone who wants to come inside. After all, they are open to the public – for gambling, drinking, partaking in nightlife or dining at one of the many restaurants.

However, most upscale hotels – the Paris included – require a room key to be presented to security before you are allowed to enter the elevator area that allows access to Guest rooms.

Overall, the Paris Hotel is clean, safe and actually very quiet in the area where the Hotel Guest rooms are located.

What’s to Eat at the Paris Hotel?

The nice part about staying at the Paris Hotel is its centrality to other hotels and restaurants on the strip. However, it’s always nice to check out some of the ‘must try’ dining options available within your hotel while your staying there.

Here are some of the stars of the show of the Paris Hotel restaurant lineup:

‘Upscale’ Restaurants

Blue skies and a replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Can’t make it to Paris, France ? Don’t sweat it… just head to Vegas. This is a destination restaurant located within the Paris Hotel. It’s a bit more formal, elegant, romantic and expensive. But at least it’s said to be worth it… everyone raves about the food and experience here.

Gordan Ramsay Steak

Scallop dish at Gordan Ramsey Steak in the Paris Hotel
Diver Scallops & English Pea Risotto
Dessert at Gordan Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel
Sticky Toffee Pudding

Paris Hotel Rooms

Even if you opt for simply a standard room at the Paris Hotel, you will pleasantly surprised to find a clean, thoughtfully appointed hotel room by any standards, but particularly as far as Vegas stand and hotel rooms go. I prefer the standard rooms at the Paris to that of Caesars Palace, albeit not quite as lush as the ‘Stay Well’ rooms at the Bellagio but they are certainly cheaper.

The main room when you exit the elevator on the 31st floor in the Paris Hotel
The 31st floor lobby when you exit the elevators

Every floor has a lobby, such as the one featured above. From there, you’ll find the hallway to your designated room and each hallway has its own ice machine.

Back in the day, people didn’t care as much about the hotel room they booked in Vegas. Mainly, because they planned to spend most if not all of their time out and about. As Las Vegas has slowly but surely rebranded to be more “family friendly” and more of a fun, relaxing getaway rather than the hedonistic Sin City of yesteryear, more and more Guests are coming to enjoy a staycation.

Paris Hotel: Charlemagne Suite

On my most recent trip to Las Vegas, I had a free stay to redeem at any Caesars property. I booked a standard room at the Paris Hotel in advance. Upon arrival, I decided to upgrade to a suite and chose from the selection of suites available.

View of the Las Vegas strip, lit up at night, from the Charlemagne suite at the Paris Hotel

The Charlemagne suite is by far my favorite accommodation that I’ve stayed in at the Paris Hotel thus far. The star of the show? The 180° view of the Las Vegas Strip, throughout the suite. You’ll have a front row seat to the beautiful Bellagio water show at night.

Tip: Currently the Bellagio Fountain Show runs Monday – Friday every 30 minutes from 3:00pm – 6:30pm and every 15 minutes from 7:00pm to midnight. On weekends, it’s the same schedule except the first water show begins at noon.

Paris Hotel Charlemagne suite main bathroom
The main bathroom
Paris Hotel Charlemagne suite main bathroom shower and toilet
The shower and toilet

There are two bathrooms in the Charlemagne suite. One is a powder room, adjacent to the foyer entrance of the suite. The other is a large bathroom with a tub, shower and a separate room for the toilet.

Know Before You Go

A big tip I have for anyone visiting Las Vegas is to always sign up for a players card (rewards card) at any hotel you stay in or anywhere you spend money that offers a players card. Food, stays and activities add up quickly – you might be able to earn a free future stay in just one trip to Vegas.

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