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Staying in Luxury Riad Marrakech – Dar Akal

If you’re headed to Morocco, and specifically Marrakech, I wouldn’t consider staying anywhere else but a Riad. Why? Because you have the whole entire rest of the world to stay in other types of hotels, lodging and accommodation. But a Riad, is so utterly specific to Morocco. Thus, if you want to really experience what is culturally unique to Marrakech, you’ll want to take the opportunity to enjoy this unique stay. Now, without further ado, here is what it’s like staying in a luxury Riad Marrakech. I stayed in the elegant Dar Akal.

Lodging type: ★★★★ Riad, Unique Stay

Book Luxury Riad Marrakech Dar Akal: here

Where is Hotel Dar Akal located?

Dar Akal is very centrally located and that is the main reason I chose it. However, it is most certainly not the only reason. It is walking distance from pretty much anywhere you’d likely want to go. Or, at the very least, it’s walkable to the center of town and then you can seek public transportation from there.

An ornate pewter and gold tea set and candle holder with a lit candle in the living room of Dar Akal
Greeted with Moroccan Mint tea and little accompaniments
Communal living room inside the Luxury Riad Marrakech Dar Akal - a white u-shaped couch and a dark coffee table
The communal living room where guests are received inside the Riad

It’s close to the souks for shopping and only a brief jaunt to Jemaa El Fna square. Albeit, you do have to navigate a maze like path to find Dar Akal, but it’s worth it. Once you arrive, it’s at the end of very quiet corridor. Trust me, after a long day in the city, you will welcome it being nestled at the end of a quiet alley. It’s kind of got an “away from it” all atmosphere, perfect for recoup and relaxation. Despite not being away from it all in the slightest (win-win!).

What to expect and Amenities on Site

A unique thing about staying at a Riad is that you can’t just walk downstairs and peruse a boulevard if you need something like a snack or drink. You are, after all, staying in a converted house or mansion. However, the good news is, they have prepared for this and once you’re “in for the night” they should have everything you might need – I mean, within reason.

creamy white pillars frame a regal entrance of large wooden, ornate doors to the Oualidia guest room
The beautiful entrance to the Oualidia guest room from the main courtyard at Dar Akal
inside the Oualidia room, the other side of the ornate main doorway entrance
The inside of the ornate entrance of the Oualidia room, there are thick sturdy drapes you can close off the entrance with

They offer:

Airport Shuttle Service (for an additional charge)

Lunch Dinner Service (for an additional charge)

Continental breakfast with fresh-from-the-market Moroccan cuisine (included)

Concierge service, Local information, Tour guidance & booking (included)

Spa services (for an additional charge)

Wifi is available and it works well! (included)

Rooftop Pool

Moroccan Mint tea service and Refreshments (included)

Tip: this is a great place to stay if you are planning on doing alot of site seeing. It’s a small, boutique size property (again, it’s a converted home), but you will feel so cared for and comfortable. You’ll be refreshed and recharged for another busy day of touristing!

What’s to eat?

Listen, the food and service here is impeccable. I do like Moroccan food to begin with. However, what wins me over about the food at Dar Akal is the freshness of the ingredients and care in preparation. Everything tastes like it just left the market right before hitting your plate.

Daily Continental Breakfast

A large red coffee cup sitting on a red and white ornate plate on top of a wicker placemat. Colorful fruits, breads and sauces cover the table at luxury Riad Marrakech Dar Akal
A light but delicious breakfast at Dar Akal
A large white napkin with a red rose on it sits on top of an ornate plate on top of a wicker placemat. Colorful fruits, breads and sauces cover the table at luxury Riad Marrakech Dar Akal
That’s a rose on my napkin. Daily breakfast!

Breakfast is included with your stay. I almost always select stays that include breakfast. Both for the convenience and value.

green tiled table holds two ceramic bowls filled with Tagine at Dar Akal
Main dishes from our rooftop dinner – a meat based and veggie based Tagine

The Moroccan breakfast served at Dar Akal was light, but satisfying. Each morning there is a selection of Moroccan breads and Batbout (Moroccan Pita Bread) served with jams, butter and other various spreads. You select coffee or tea and a juice and there was always an additional varying item like a bowl of fresh fruit or yogurt.

a tiled green table topped with a gorgeous spread of Moroccan cuisine
The beautiful table setting, rose petals and all
an ornate gold tray with two cups of fruity dessert set atop it and two spoons
Dessert was light and refreshing, marinated fruit

Lunch or Dinner

The evening we arrived, we scheduled to have our private dinner on their rooftop. Wow, it was magical. They really went the extra mile to make us feel welcomed and looked after. Not to mention, the beautiful table setting and atmosphere.

Check in and the Rooms

Dar Akal is actually a mansion from the 1700’s! However, don’t worry. The place is not falling apart. In fact, Dar Akal is quite polished, clean and aesthetically pleasing. It’s been fully renovated by skilled Moroccan craftsman.

This accommodation is a great choice for someone who enjoys quieter, more intimate environments. The entire Riad has a max capacity of 12 guests. There’s a total of four guest bedrooms and one suite.

Oualidia Room

Of the four guest rooms, we stayed in the Oualidia room. I absolutely loved it and I’d stay there again. It was tastefully decorated in Moroccan chic decor. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom had all the convenience one might need – including toiletries.

a queen size bed with four white pillows and a grey one in the center, arabic written behind the bed and two dangling decorative lights
The bedroom area of the Oualidia guest room

It also opened up to the main courtyard in the Riad. This Riad is great for anyone who has mobility issues, as there isn’t a lot of walking or strain required to maneuver through the accommodation as a whole. However, there are several stairs to get to the rooftop (of course).

Tip: the Douiria Suite is beautiful and quite large. There are two bedrooms and a living room with a large table and fireplace. Great size for the price if traveling as a family or in a group. Prices fluctuate seasonally, but it seems to average about 149 € per night for the suite.

If you are looking for a mid-range to luxury stay that is a great value for the cost, Dar Akal is a great option for you.

Have you ever stayed in a Riad before? Do you have any questions about staying at Dar Akal? Drop them in the comments!

Know Before You Go

I visited Morocco in the fall and it was a great time of year to visit as the weather was warm and sunny, but very tepid and pleasant. If you’d like to know more about what to expect when visiting Morocco during the different seasons, read: here.

Dar Akal price points are very competitive in comparison to other Riads and similar accommodations in Marrakech. In fact, we stayed at Dar Akal years ago and in that time, their rates have remained the same or even lower on some rooms. Again, prices vary seasonally.

I highly recommend booking your airport transfer through Dar Akal. They will have your driver waiting for you with a sign upon arrival. This is actually crucial, because your driver will help you navigate the “maze like” path to get to Dar Akal as it would be a bit challenging to figure out on your first time.

Find out if Luxury Riad Marrakech – Dar Akal is available during your trip dates:


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