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The Roosevelt New Orleans – a Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The Roosevelt New Orleans – a Waldorf Astoria Hotel

You’re New Orleans bound. But, you want to know: where can I stay in the lap of luxury? Well, then. You came to the right place. Or, rather, you will be going to the right place, when you decide to stay at the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans. If old world opulence is what you seek, with the comforts and service that only a five star hotel can provide, look no further.

Lodging type: ★★★★★ Luxury, Franchise Hotel

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A little bit about the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

It was well into the evening and our driver pulled up in front of the hotel. As I stood on the sidewalk, awaiting my luggage, I immediately felt the storied presence of the hotel.

The entrance of the Roosevelt, adorned with tasteful gold trimmings and lanterns that glowed in the night, made way for a most magnificent hotel lobby.

The main entrance of the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans at night
The entrance of the Roosevelt New Orleans, glowing at night (on Roosevelt Way)
The grand lobby entrance, adorning a giant chandelier, of the Roosevelt New Orleans at night
The grand lobby entrance of the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

As soon as my right foot touched the first step of the stairwell, the eager doorman smiled and warmly welcomed us to the Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt, once the Grunewald hotel, has been around since 1893. Accordingly, the grandeur and glitz from the era remain. In the mid 1800’s, an abundance of wealth could be found in New Orleans clear to Baton Rouge.

Some thought this era as New Orleans golden age… it’s ‘Belle Epoch,’ where it was forming itself as the “new Paris.” Unsurprisingly, its self-proclaimed ‘Glamour Period’ left us with one of the first luxury hotels in the south.

The first view upon entering the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans, the opulent lobby with a large dangling chandelier
The first view upon entering the hotel
Waldorf Astoria signature extravagant lobby clock - "The Paris Exhibition" by clockmaker Eugene Farcot
Waldorf Astoria signature extravagant lobby clock – “The Paris Exhibition” by clockmaker Eugene Farcot

Certainly, this hotel has had multiple eras – and names – for that matter. However, in 1923 the hotel’s name changed to The Roosevelt, in honor of US President Theodore Roosevelt.

Tip: The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans, which is now also a Waldorf Astoria is part of the Hilton collection now too. So, if you’re a Hilton loyalist this is an opportunity to earn more reward points!

Where is The Roosevelt hotel located?

Location wise, the Roosevelt offers the best of two worlds. The hotel sits right on Roosevelt Way, in between Canal Street and Common Street in the French Quarter. It’s centrally located, without being too centrally located if you know what I mean.

The main entrance to The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
The main entrance to The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans during the day
The Baronne Street entrance to the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
The Baronne Street entrance to the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

In case you don’t: many of the hotels in the French Quarter are at the epicenter of all the reveling. Which, to be fair, could be ideal for you depending on the nature of your trip.

However, the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans is close enough to major points of interest, while still being far enough away for a very quiet nights sleep. For instance, it’s under a 10 minute walk (for most people) to Bourbon Street.

What to expect and Amenities on Site

Several Restaurants on Site

Rooftop pool and Bar

The iconic Sazerac Bar

Coffee Shoppe

In room dining – Wednesday – Sunday room service is available 24 hours

Waldorf Astoria Spa and Fitness Club

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Check in and Rooms

After a long day of travel, we schlepped our way to the reception desk and, thankfully, the experience could not have been more pleasant. A suave, dark haired gentleman with a distinct French accent checked us in. He even kindly humored us as we practiced our French, bless him.

The beautiful lobby piano at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
The beautiful lobby piano
The waiting area right outside the elevators on floor
Waiting area right outside the elevators on the floor of our room
a stunning antique rotary telephone with gold trimming located outside the elevator our the hotel floor
Look at this stunning piece outside of the elevator on our floor – a hotel ‘house phone’

Virtual check in at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

If you are pressed for time, tired or just generally misanthropic, the hotel does offer virtual check in. They will email you leading up to your check in to offer the option. If you decide to check in this way, a “digital key” will be issued. This way, you can just walk right in the hotel, head to the elevator and go right on up to your room.

King Suite – Room 20950

Behold, one of my favorite hotel stays to date – a cozy king suite at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans. While the room had no view, it did have all the comforts one could ever hope for.

Door to King Suite at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
King Suite Door
the desk, living room, closet, and coffee and tea station (left) upon entrance
Desk, living room, closet, and coffee and tea station (left) upon entrance
Coffee, tea and water station
Nespresso coffee machine, tea and water station

The suite was well appointed with Nespresso coffee, tea and water bottles. The room is also stocked with an array of glassware, spoons and a bottle opener.

Fully stocked drawer of glassware, spoons, mugs, saucers, coffee, tea, sugar and a bottle opener
Fully stocked down to glassware and a bottle opener
King bedroom - The Roosevelt New Orleans King Suite
King bedroom – The Roosevelt New Orleans King Suite
A close look at the King bed in the suite at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
The bed is super comfy and I loved the footboard bench for placing my suitcase on

This really is one of those stays where to find something to complain about, you’d really have to start nitpicking. And even then… you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to make a fuss. The room is clean, well equipped with everything you’d need for a restful stay of luxe.

The bathroom, Vanity Room and Closets

TV, armoire and decent sized closet
TV, armoire and decent sized closet
Suite bathroom and full length mirror
Suite bathroom and full length mirror
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity

Objectively, the bathroom is definitely on the smaller side – particularly for a suite. It’s definitely the size of a typical bathroom in a standard hotel room. However, that is offset by the sizable vanity room connecting the living room to the bedroom.

King suite shower - about six inches from the toilet.
King suite shower – about six inches from the toilet. Bathroom is on the smaller side.
The sizable vanity room connecting the living room and bedroom
The sizable vanity room connecting the living room and bedroom
Spacious vanity - great for laying out your things or getting ready
Spacious vanity – great for laying out your things or getting ready

Overall, it was one of the most delightful suites I’ve ever stayed in, particularly from a large hotel brand chain.

POV: view of the suite from the bedroom
View from the bedroom
Framed Vintage photographs of New Orleans on display
Vintage photographs of New Orleans on display
Close up inside the closet
Close up inside the closet

Are you the sort of traveler that likes to bring everything imaginable with them? Perhaps, you’re a traveler that likes to unpack everything at their hotel? Good news: there are two closets in the suites. One in the living room and one in the bedroom.

Hotel Cost

As with any lodging worldwide, nightly rates vary seasonally and day of the week. If you’re looking to cut costs, it’ll almost always be cheaper to book your stay during weeknights.

The hotel’s average nightly rate ranges from about $195 USD per night to $250+ USD for a standard room. If you have any credit card or loyalty perks you can take advantage of, it’s possible to receive a complimentary upgrade to a suite this way.

Safety and Security

Since The Roosevelt hotel is basically a point of attraction in itself, anyone can enter the hotel and check out the beautiful lobby. Additionally, the Sazerac bar located near the entrance is a popular landmark for its historical relevance – and… stiff, appetizing drinks.

However, to actually access the guest rooms, you absolutely need a room key to get into (and use) the elevators. There is security present and a 24 hour front desk at all times.

What’s to eat?

The Sazerac Bar

In case you didn’t know, cocktail culture is a hallmark of New Orleans. Since 2008, the Sazerac cocktail is the official cocktail of New Orleans. Incidentally, its become my drink of choice when in town. So, if you’re staying at the Roosevelt, you’re in luck. The Sazerac bar, flocked to by travelers and local lushes alike, is a must-visit-while-in-town for many.

Left - Ramos Gin Fizz, Right - Smoke at the Vatican. Delicious drinks from the Sazerac bar at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
Left – Ramos Gin Fizz, Right – Smoke at the Vatican
Two Ramos Gin Fizz's side by side on a warm wooden bar counter at the Sazerac bar - The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
His and Hers Ramos Gin Fizz’s

Other than the bars namesake drink, one thing you have to order is the Ramos Gin Fizz. I had never had one before the Sazerac bar, despite it being on my mixology ‘bucket list’ for some time.

Then, a slender, fair haired gentleman at the Sazerac bar made me the best darn Ramos Gin Fizz I could’ve ever hoped for. I am ruined. Ruin yourself too and try one. Breakfast of Champions, I’d say? Sure, it’ll set you back $26 USD (+tip). But, to be fair, they have to shake this drink by hand for, like, twelve entire minutes to create this masterpiece.

Tip: TLDR? Make sure you order a Ramos Gin Fizz, a quintessentially New Orleans cocktail, at the Sazerac bar.

Room Service

I actually woke up on the morning of a milestone birthday here. Naturally, I high tailed it to the spa to treat myself to a nice wash and blow out, but more about that later. Since I booked my stay with American Express Travel, there was a food and beverage credit perk. My husband ordered us a room service for breakfast before we kicked off a day in the city.

a white dish with a white bowl on top with a biscuit and eggs in it
Biscuit and gravy with a sunny side egg
The full breakfast spread "The Roosevelt"- a beignet is missing
The full breakfast spread – a beignet is missing – my hubby devoured it while I was in the salon

I’m the foodie in our marriage, but I think he did a good job ordering. We had the namesake breakfast spread, “The Roosevelt” which consisted of two eggs, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, your choice of protein and – the star of the show – “Roosevelt’s famous Beignets” ($31 USD). From the bakery, biscuit and gravy ($15 USD) with an added sunny side egg ($4 USD).

Everything was superb.

Honestly, the “Roosevelt’s famous Beignets” gives my favorite Beignet spot (Cafe Beignet on Royal) a run for their money. Also, don’t clutch your pearls… but, I think they are far better than Cafe du Monde.

Tip: the breakfast menu is offered from 6am – 11am and you can check out the entire menu: here. Room service is offered daily from 6:00am – 11pm and Wednesday – Sunday it’s offered 24 hours.

Waldorf Astoria Spa

The spa is a short trek from the lobby. I had a positive experience at the Waldorf Astoria Spa salon. Albeit, the spa does have a bit of a dated look to it and not quite in a good way. There is a large, circular reception desk, a waiting area and shop. The hairstylist took care of me in her private room, which was a relaxing, intimate setting.

a woman's hand holding a glass of champagne in the salon
A little birthday champagne before a blowout

Certainly, atmosphere counts for something, but after all is said and done, I was there for a wash, blow-dry and style. That part was excellent. Additionally, I truly enjoyed my time with my hairstylist. Before my service began, she offered me champagne. I left with having had great conversation and a freshly coiffed mane.

Altogether, I’d definitely patronize the Waldorf Astoria salon again, even if I wasn’t staying here.

Tip: Even if you aren’t a hotel Guest, you can still book services at the Waldorf Astoria Spa. There is a separate street entrance to the area where the spa is as well. You can view the menu of services: here

Know before you go

Keep in mind that New Orleans peak season is around February – June. During this time, big events like Mardi Gras and the Jazz fest are held, which means rates will be very high. I stayed here during the first week of April. Right afterwards, were the French Quarter and Jazz fests and rates soared.

July and August are very hot and humid, thus many travelers tend to stay away. I have visited in July and thought it was manageable and there are far fewer crowds and lower rates. Traditionally, fall and winter are considered the low season in New Orleans.

Have you ever stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans? What was your experience like? Do you have any questions about staying here? Drop them in the comments below!

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