Palm trees and Blue skies frame the facade of the Atlantis Hotel

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Staying at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island

Originally published:June 22nd, 2022

Updated: January 1st, 2024

Some consider the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island the resort to end all resorts. Since opening in 1994, its iconic waterpark and marine themed hotel has made many a bucket list for a true dream vacation. After visiting, it’s easy to see why. It’s as if you truly did stumble upon Atlantis itself. Its facade appears slightly submerged, and in this city like resort, you can find literally anything you’d wish to see or do.

Lodging Type: Luxury Resort Hotel

Tip: Before you arrive, download the Atlantis app to your phone which can be handy to assist you in navigating the enormous property.

The main fountain surrounded by flowers at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island
This fountain at the center of the resort makes for a beautiful photo op!

Where is the Hotel Located?

The Bahamas is actually comprised of over 700 islands, total. However, not all of them are inhabited. In fact, many of them are not islands that travelers frequent.

Dolphin fountain at Atlantis resort Paradise Island
The dolphin fountain at the center of the resort

The Atlantis Resort is located on Paradise Island. Paradise Island has historically been a star studded celebrity home locale. Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Mariah Carey, Sean “Diddy” Combs and many more names have or currently own properties on ritzy Paradise Island.

There are many airports you can fly into to arrive in the Bahamas. If you’re headed to Atlantis, it’s best to fly into the Lynden Pindling International Airport (formerly the Nassau International Airport). When you arrive in Nassau, there are many things to see and do there as well!

Tip: Check out my guide of things to do in Nassau here.

The view from the bridge of the river running through the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island
View from the bridge, near Atlantis’s private beach
Amanda Abbott walking through the caverns on the resort overlooking the salt lagoon
Taking a gander at the stingray lagoon

Resort Amenities & Entertainment on Paradise Island

When it comes to activities and amusement, the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island shines. All of the following is included with your stay at no extra charge:

Beautiful blue skies and palm trees surrounding warm rock formations bordering a lagoon at the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island
Exploring the grounds of the resort, on our way to the Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Water Park: Perhaps the star of the show, Atlantis boasts an incredibly fun water park that is free to all hotel Guests. Aquaventure is comprised of 8 incredibly fun themed water slides and river rides. There are 11 different pools to choose from, depending on your ambiance of choice.

large turquoise swimming pool with a volleyball net
The Coral tower pool – it was closed during September

This is perhaps the most anticipated feature of the resort. If you want to get a day pass to simply access Aquaventure, the price varies seasonally. On average, you can expect to pay about $190 per adult and $95 for kids.

Tip: Cruise ship goers often get day passes to Aquaventure, Paradise Island. If you want to dodge the crowds, the best time to make a splash is right when the park opens at 9:00am – 10:00am or the last two hours before closing 5:00pm- 7:00pm.

Atlantis Private Beach: Atlantis has its own private beach that stretches the length of the resort. Technically, you can go on the beach anytime you want – day or night. However, there is only a life guard on duty during its official ‘operating hours.’ Similar to the pools, the lifeguards seem to leave around 6:00pm or 7:00pm.

woman in an orange skirt with a tan hat on her lap sitting in a beach chair overlooking the ocean
The Atlantis private beach is truly one of the most peaceful I’ve ever relaxed on
bright blue skies, turquoise waters, a sandy beach and a bird flying overhead
Right before dusk in the fall, you’ll likely have the whole beach to yourself

Having hung out on this beach both during the spring and fall, the life guard not being on duty has never stopped crowds of eager swimmers from enjoying the warm Caribbean Sea.

There are vendors on the beach who offer sea-do excursions and various water sport activities at an extra charge. These companies are not affiliated with the Atlantis, but are allowed to operate on the private beach.

Tip: If you decide to engage in any water sport activities and venture beyond the buoys, life jackets are required.

Atlantis Theatre: Yes, the resort has a movie theater! Both time’s I’ve stayed at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island I’ve attended a showing. Both times I thoroughly enjoyed my cinema experience. There’s a full service concession stand in the theater with a variety of refreshments available.

brunette woman walking on bright blue carpet through the Atlantis Paradise island
woman's hand holding up a bucket of popcorn in front of a movie theater screen that says 'Atlantis'
Movie Theatre entrance at the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island

The Atlantis theater showcases new releases and it’s a fun thing to do on a night that you want to just relax. In 2022, we saw The Batman. In 2023 we watched Scream VI, which was really fun because it was just a few weeks before Halloween.

Tip: You can charge all your concession refreshments to your room.

Hotels at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island

There are four different hotels to choose from within the resort:

The Cove

This is the hotel for a top shelf, white glove experience. Featuring luxury suites, butler services and a private beach just for Cove Guests, this hotel is for those seeking the splendor of luxury. The Cove hotel also features the only adults only pool at the resort.

The Coral

My visit was a comped stay. I am a Caesars Rewards Platinum card holder, and a 5 night stay is a rewards perk. Caesars Rewards stays are booked at the Coral Hotel. I found this tower to be centrally located and convenient.

a rock display fountain with dolphins emerging from it in the Coral Tower outside of the Bahamian Club
The fountain display right outside of the Bahamian Club fine dining restaurant in the Coral Tower

For instance, there is a Starbucks right below the main lobby, as well as a delicious ice cream shoppe. It also has a view the Marina harbor and just steps away from all the restaurants and shopping in the Marina village.

If, by chance, you are attending a convention at Atlantis, this is definitely the hotel you’ll want to stay in, since the convention halls are all in this hotel. The comedy club and movie theater are also located at The Coral, which is very convenient.

The Reef

These rooms are made to have a more “residential” feel. In addition, you can book some pretty swanky penthouses with oceanfront balconies. The Reef Hotel is quite far from everything else in the resort, but it has direct beach access and shuttles area available.

The Royal

The Royal Towers are in the center of it all. The ornate lobby is the epicenter of the entire hotel, garnished in giant pearls and seashell facades. It’s also closest to the designer shopping, casinos and luxe restaurants indoors.

The Harborside Resort

This area is great for: those who want to be away from it all, a bit of a quiet atmosphere, to be near the boat marina and to have accommodations with a kitchen, washer & dryer. There is also a kids pool in this part of the resort, but no direct beach access.


The service at the resort is, overall, very warm, friendly and welcoming. The check in process could have been a bit more through and efficient. There was a bit of a wait to check in and a huge crowd waiting to check in behind us. As a result, the employee at check in was rushing to check us in. Unfortunately, since it was our first visit and the Atlantis can be a bit overwhelming, we wished she had explained a few things to us that we found out on our own a few days in.

Hotel Cost

The nightly rate will vary seasonally and depend on which hotel tower you ultimately choose. The Atlantis on Paradise Island is by no means a budget hotel. But on my Instagram, I’ve shared a couple different ways you can get free stays or nights at the Atlantis.

Safety & Security

Paradise Island, overall, is a very safe place. It’s filled with resorts, luxury hotels and celebrity homes. The resort itself feels extremely safe in every way. All rooms are a key card entry and have a safe in the closet. There is also round the clock security on the grounds of the hotel.

the bridge connecting the Atlantis Resort and beach, at nightfall
Bridge next to the salt lagoon connecting the resort to the beach at night

What’s to Eat?

There are countless restaurant options at the resort ranging from celebrity chef fine dining to casual and well known chains. It’s widely known that the Bahamas is incredibly expensive and the food at the Atlantis resort is no exception. Some of the restaurants recommend making reservations whereas, others, like pizza or ice cream you can just stand in line.

Tip: If you’re on a budget you can buy water bottles and snacks from stores or restaurants in downtown Nassau and store them in your hotel refrigerator. This is also a great option if you want to try some local cuisine and store your leftovers.

The restaurants I’ve tried


Silan is a new addition to the Atlantis restaurant lineup and had just opened in 2023 shortly before I dined there. Its Mediterranean inspired cuisine served in front of a view of the resort’s salt lagoon. Apparently, “Silan” means date syrup in Persian.

Silan sign - entrance to Silan restaurant at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island
Entrance to Silan from the casino
Dining room overlooking the salt lagoon at Silan restaurant at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island
Dining room with a view of the lagoon
Silan bar seating at Atlantis Paradise Island
Silan bar seating

I dined there for lunch and found the menu to be thoughtful, the food tasty, the drinks even better and the service to be impeccable.

Silan isn’t cheap, but, again, nothing is on Paradise island. Or in the Bahamas for that matter [insert strained grimace here]. But, Silan isn’t terribly priced for resort dining and particularly when you factor in quantity and quality.

Spiced date and cucumber agave sparklers at Silan Restaurant on Atlantis Paradise Island
Delicious – spiced date & cucumber agave sparklers
Ricotta and pita bread at Atlantis Paradise Island
Whipped ricotta with dates, pecans and silan served with pita bread
Pita bread at Silan - Atlantis paradise island
Halloumi cheese dip & pita bread

The halloumi cheese dip will set you back about $19.00. Whipped ricotta is $14.00 Entrees range from $25 – $80 or so. I definitely look forward to dining here again when I return to the Atlantis.

For a weekday lunch, the crowd while I was there was a mix of a handful of families, and the rest were upper middle aged couples to seniors. In the evening, it transports into more of a date spot or night life environment.


Pisces is a Bahamian food stand near Atlantis’s private beach. It closes around 5:00pm, but it’s a great place to grab a bite if you want to sit outside with a sunny, ocean view during your meal.

woman in an orange skirt with a tan hat on her lap sitting on the beach overlooking the ocean
Atlantis’s private beach
red tray with fries, fried fish and tonic water sitting on it with blue skies and palm trees in the background
Fish & chips with a tonic water
fries, fried fish and tartar sauce in a basket
Last fish… this was honestly so good

Pisces serves up good ole’ comfort foods like coconut shrimp and fried snapper. You can also get Bahamian favorites like conch fritters and conch salad. You can choose from some unique house made sauces to pair with your favorite seafood – they have curry mayo, spiced caramel or hot ketchup. Not gonna lie, it’s pricey for a plate of fish and chips. But at the very least, it’s delicious.

Poseidon’s Table

This is the resort’s buffet. The atmosphere is nice and the tables are spaced out well. In terms of food, the selection is fairly varied and the quality is fine. It’s hard to be impressed with it when you’ve had some of the most incredible buffets in the world in Las Vegas.

Entrance to the Poseidon's table buffet at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island
Entrance to Poseidon’s Table, the buffet at the Atlantis

Personally, I found the buffet to be a bit overpriced even by the Bahamas standards. However, the second time I visited the Atlantis, Poseidon’s Table was hosting a Bahamian themed night. The event was featuring all Bahamian specialties and some jamming’ entertainment. I couldn’t make it that night, but it would be worth going back for something like that.

Restaurants on my “must visit” list

Bimini Road Restaurant – upon my inquiry of: where can I find the best Bahamian food on the Atlantis Resort, a local recommended Bimini Road. It’s located in the bustling Marina Village. The food looks incredible, and I bet it is – because the place was packed on a Tuesday night in September. We didn’t feel like waiting, so decided to grab food elsewhere, but I definitely want to check it out next time. The place is happening with lively Caribbean music playing!

Tip: if you really want to dine at Bimini Road, make sure you make a reservation well in advance of your stay. Also, it’s a bit of a scene, so if you want a more low key environment, I’d dine elsewhere.

Fish by José Andrés – this is probably the top restaurant I want to visit upon my return to the Atlantis as I’m a fan of José Andrés work. Not to mention, it’s located in the stunning Cove hotel tower. The atmosphere at the Cove hotel is mysterious, alluring and overall has a very upscale feel.


The Mandara Spa is a full service spa on the Atlantis, Paradise Island located in the Royal Towers. Mandara Spa is a chain that can be found all over the world. It’s a luxury spa with top shelf prices, so if you’re looking to splurge, treat yourself! I did not have any spa services done during this visit, but might check it out on another visit.

Tip: You’ll pay top dollar for spa services at the resort. If you’re looking for convenience, that is your best option. Appointment slots fill up quickly, so make your reservations in advance online if you can. If you’re willing to venture out or hire a mobile masseuse, you can save this way. Find out more about the spa I visited and loved: here.

Know Before You Go

There is no need to exchange money before your trip if you have USD! USD is equivalent to the Bahamian dollar. For travelers from countries other than the US, just make sure you have either USD or the Bahamian dollar.

The Atlantis is an enormous resort with lots of relaxation and activities to offer, but don’t be afraid to venture out into Nassau or elsewhere on the island to explore further. You can find out more tips about that: here.

The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago, with stunning skies and beaches. Whether you decide to go all out during your visit at Atlantis or not, just know that it is possible to enjoy this fabulous resort on a budget! Any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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