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The Wynn Buffet: Reservations, Food, Everything you Need to Know

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to add The Buffet at the Wynn to your itinerary of indulgence, you’ve come to the right place. Having been to Las Vegas over 25+ times, I can help navigate your planning. Las Vegas is a place where you can find the biggest, best buffets in the world – with lots of variety, quality and quantity. However, not all Vegas buffets are created equal. The first tip you’re going to receive about visiting The Buffet is to make Wynn Buffet reservations.

Entrance at the Wynn
The main dining room at the Wynn

When you click the link above or right here, you are able to reserve a time slot and prepay for your visit. Only, The Buffet at the Wynn doesn’t actually call this a reservation. This is a prepayment to expedite your arrival process and this is you “securing your spot in line.”

When you arrive, there are two lines – the regular waiting line for walk ins and then the “priority” waiting line. The priority line is for those with “reservations” or whom have prepaid for their visit and “secured their spot in line”.

But, even if you’ve done this, you’re likely going to have to wait just a bit. The Buffet says “priority seating Guests” are sat within 30 minutes of your arrival time slot. We waited about 15 minutes or so, it wasn’t too bad.

If you’re a hotel guest, you can still reserve your priority seating in advance and bill your meal to your hotel room.

I have an Answer to the Question Everyone Has

And I also had this question too.

You plan to head to Vegas. You’re deciding you may want to visit The Buffet at the Wynn while you’re in town. You hit the inter webs to find out more pertinent info. Then… you discover… what is this? There are two different buffet seatings?

There is Brunch or Dinner $50.99 per person

But there’s also the Gourmet Brunch $50.99 per person or Dinner $74.99 per person

If you’re wondering what the difference is… so is everyone else. Only, scour the internet as much as you please, skim their website over and over again you can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

So, this was a top priority for me to find out when I was onsite.

Essentially, the Gourmet seating includes a much more extensive array of various cuts of meat. Also, for example, right now, there is the Seafood Gourmet which is running for a limited time which is to include a wider selection of meats in addition to the expansive seafood assortment.

You’re welcome.

Tip: As someone who has dined at both the ‘regular’ and ‘gourmet’ buffet, I didn’t notice too big of a difference except for several additional meat selections. So, unless you’re really carnivorous and that’s important to you I don’t think it matters which seating you attend.

The Food Selection

Make Wynn Buffet Reservations and try their assortment of worldly dishes like this Seafood Boil
Seafood boil
Make Wynn Buffett Reservations so you can enjoy this tiny plate of ribs and sweet potato fries
Small plate of ribs & sweet potato fries
Single serving of Cajun Shrimp and Cornbread served in a tiny little pot
Serving of shrimp & cornbread

If you’re someone who shies away from buffets because you don’t like the idea of heaps of subpar food, you don’t have to worry about that here.

This is buffet fine dining.

The Buffet selection is definitely elevated. A fine selection of ‘gourmet’ favorites with high quality ingredients. There are 16 “live action” kitchen stations which are the creation of executive chef Jason Duarte.

Make Wynn Buffet Reservations so you can enjoy this fresh and diverse charcuterie selection
An entire charcuterie section – with a broad selection of cheeses, crackers and bread

From a charcuterie spread to Dim Sum options, there is also a delightful lineup of thoughtful small plates. Individual servings of spinach and artichoke dip with a few chips, chicken and biscuits and ribs with sweet potato fries. There’s sushi and honey glazed corn bread and much, much more.

The ‘live action’ Taco Bar!

There’s a pretty extensive latin food section – called ‘The Latin Street Food stations’ , including a “live action” taco bar, made to order. You can order as many tacos as you’d like.

You can choose from:

Carne Asada, Chicken Machaca, Fish Tacos and Vegan Tacos made with impossible meat.

Fresh baked bread assortment

Listen, I get head over heels excited just as much as the next person when I see pretzel rolls. While seeing a fluffy, delicate roll is appealing, I’d have to suggest skipping any sort of bread – because you’ll just get so full so fast! But you know what… if it’s bread you want, bread you shall get!

Don’t Skip Dessert

I certainly hope you have a sweet tooth if you visit a Vegas buffet, because there is usually a dessert extravaganza. The Buffet at the Wynn is no exception! In fact, I think their dessert assortment may be the best one in town.

Making Wynn Buffet reservations are worth it for the dessert room alone. I mean… just look at this stuff? It’s all of the highest quality – cakes, cupcakes and individual servings of speciality desserts that you would find in high end restaurants, bakeries or cake shoppes.

They have a an assortment of twelve gelato ice cream flavors – a mix of unique and traditional flavors. What’s cool (honestly, no pun was originally intended, but in hindsight, this worked out well) is they serve you the gelato in a cold, chilled almost frozen bowl to keep the ice cream from melting (or at least slow the process down). I tried the Vanilla Mango Custard and it was… like, divine. Probably the best ice cream quality I’ve ever had in a restaurant, let alone a buffet (and yes, that even includes the Michellin star restaurants).

Making Wynn Buffet reservations are worth it to try the mango sweet creme ice cream alone, served in a chilled marble bowl and pair it with a hot cup of coffee

There are lots of vegan friendly options and pretty much anything else you could possible want. Donuts? Gourmet cupcakes? Other kinds of cakes? They’ve got it. There’s fruit tarts, creme brûlée, petit pastries, cheesecake, bread puddings and cookies galore.

The S’mores cone is a must!
Creme Brûlée, Cheesecake & more
Warm Churros

The dessert section is also featuring a “live action” sweet crepe station where you can pick your flavors and toppings.

Another reason to make Wynn Buffet reservations -to have one of these amazing sweet crepes for dessert. A woman with a brown apron is standing behind an eloborate crepe state with examples of the different styles of crepes she can make
Look at this delightful sweet crepe station in the dessert room

Tip: There are vegan and gluten free options available so that no dessert seeker gets left behind!

Service, Atmosphere and Beverages

The service is absolutely wonderful at The Buffet. As soon as you’re shown to your seat, your server will come greet and orient you. This is probably the most high touch service I’ve observed in any buffet, even in Vegas.

The entrance fee includes non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, juices coffee and tea. All your drink options will be listed on the placemat in front of you, for your convenience.

If you’re lookin’ to ‘wet your whistle,’ you can purchase the “endless pours” package and choose from an array of cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Since there is a two hour limit on each visit, you’d need to come prepared to drink up to get your money’s worth.

Tip: The two hour time limit doesn’t seem to be strictly enforced at all, but I wouldn’t count on staying longer than two hours – just in case!

Leaving the Restaurant for the night after we shut it down!

Know Before You Go

The Buffet at The Wynn does not accept cash, except for any gratuities you leave

If for any reason you need to change your priority seating time or date, or even if it’s because you’re running late, you will have to cancel your existing reservation and create a new one.

There is booth seating as an option, based on availability – just let the host know upon arrival to write the request in your notes!

The Buffet at Wynn is just shy of 24,000 sq feet. It’s a sizable restaurant and most of the space is seating areas for diners. I have taken my senior father here and it’s a lot of walking back and forth for someone who might have any sort of limited mobility. If this applies to anyone in your party, make sure to ask the host or hostess for seating closer to the actual food.

Don’t forget to make Wynn Buffet Reservations – it’s worth it to save time during your Vegas trip!

Any questions about dining at The Buffet at Wynn? Drop them in the comments!

Save for your Las Vegas trip planning!

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