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I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again. Take cooking classes when you travel! You don’t have to be exceptionally talented in the kitchen to enjoy all the value you’ll get from the experience. Not only does it help you feel more connected to the culture you’re visiting, but you’ll leave with new skills to take home with you. Now, you’re probably wondering… where do I take cooking classes in Cartagena?

colorful vegetables laying on a giant leaf
Fresh vegetables to prepare one of our dishes

SkyKitchen 4 Course Cooking Classes in Cartagena

Don’t cha’ worry, I took a cooking class when I was in Cartagena, Colombia that was not only delicious, but it was educational and really fun.

You can book either a group or private cooking class at SkyKitchen: here.

chalkboard with the cooking classes in Cartagena menu written on it in colorful chalk

While prices on activities are always subject to change, tickets are currently $79 per person. Taking a group class is a more cost-conscious option. It’s also a great way to socialize, if you’re interested in doing so!

Location of Cooking Classes in Cartagena

I recommend staying in the Walled City in Old Cartagena when you visit. This is an ideal place for a traveler to base themselves in because it’s safe to walk around day or night. There’s also plenty of delicious food, restaurants, attractions and nightlife all walking distance within the walled city.

Romario, the owner of SkyKitchen and professional Chef that will instruct your cooking class is so accommodating. He even met us outside our hotel to escort us to SkyKitchen. Luckily, the weather is pretty mild in February, so we all walked from our hotel to the industrial kitchen where the classes are held.

Skykitchen is centrally located, so if you stay within the Walled City, it will likely be walking distance from most accommodations.

Private Cooking Classes in Cartagena

brunette woman stirring a pot on a stove
Listening to instructions while making my sauce

If you don’t care for mingling with strangers, or perhaps you simply would like a bit more one on one direction, you always have the option of booking a private cooking session. My partner and I decided to book a private class.

It was wonderful.

man cutting a fruit
The chef teaching and instructing us

Not only is the kitchen big, bright and airy, but the instructor is very warm, pleasant, patient and helpful. From the historical significance of certain foods, to the region certain fruits and vegetables grow in, we learned so much during our class.

Of course, a private class cost us significantly more than a group class would have. But, for our needs and preferences at the time… it was perfect. But, I’d only suggest paying extra for a private class if you have a specific preference or need for doings so.

hands of the writer mixing avocado, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables together in a bowl with a spoon
Mixing together the delicious veggie filling for one type of Arepas

Tip: We booked our initial tickets via Viator at $79 per person and paid an additional $100USD directly to SkyKitchen for a private class. If you’d also like to book a private class, book your tickets and then contact SkyKitchen directly as soon as possible to make arrangements.

When you Take a Cooking Class in Cartagena, Come Hungry

two arepas on a white plate
Two different types of delicious Arepas we made

All cooking classes start at 11:00am. It’s important to know that you will be eating a lot during this cooking class. You’ll be handcrafting a four course meal from scratch. After each course, you’ll sit at a thoughtfully curated dining table to enjoy what you just created while it’s warm. Once you devour your masterpiece, you’ll head back to the kitchen to continue crafting your next dish.

coconut pie and ice cream on a white plate, sitting next to a coffee cup
The Pie de Coco y Piña we made, with ice cream from scratch!

The food you make will be delicious. Your instructor also has some lovely assistants in the kitchen whom will be by your side in case you need any help. In other words, they won’t let you mess anything up too badly… don’t worry. Everything we made tasted really high quality, as good as anything you’d order in a nice restaurant in Cartagena.

You’ll Learn a Lot Too

Prior to taking this class, I had no idea the Lulo fruit even existed. If you had told me that I was going to make ice cream with a fruit that is a close relative to tomatoes and eggplants, I’d definitely have been skeptical.

woman hand holding Lulu fruit. bowl with mashed Lulu in the background
This is a Lulo fruit we mashed and made ice cream with

The Lulo fruit grows in various places in central and South America and can be purchased all over Colombia.

We mashed up these orange beauties and made ice cream with it and it was scrumptious!

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Cooking Classes in Cartagena!

Don’t forget to reserve your spots in advance, here!

Not only is this a fun, enjoyable and appetizing experience, but you’ll likely gain new skills that can provide you value far beyond your sojourn. I am able to recreate these delicious dishes at home, which is really exciting. Whenever I make one of them, it reminds me of the wonderful, salsa filled (music and food) time I had in Cartagena, Colombia. Enjoy!

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